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Tell what you think about the site,the service, our organization, or anything else that pops to your mind & remember, this is your people2people network! Closest definition out there--->just what is that!
P2P NetworX !!

Brandy said, "so when framing, everyone can change
the way D.i.L's interface is whenever
their viewU/interface is getting bo/ring, LOL"
and I like that, do you?
You haven't seen nothing yET!
the web site will actually mold itself to
users wants and needs accordingly, and is
under control of the EPU/user/human/driver to change
their pArameters whenever they wish to...
without disruptions from the outside worlds tactics online.

AKA...20 the century adVERTising
The!D Matches Accurately and Accordingly

All of your comments and suggestions or whatever...)are looked@!

We could have asked you all this,

you know to screen YA! lol-rotfl

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