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TW NOC  The Worlds Nember Owned .Company
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Speakeasy Speed Test

i.e internet explorer netscape gecko firefox and all nu mosiacfree- WEB-BROWSERS

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GET IT self snap da rubix cube. it's sow fun 2 play with and
lid your deal today lets make a dealwave back yallthe way it was meant to be p 2 p  people 2 people  instantly
it truly iZ your (s) space. Don't be scared. Wee do care about our worLd

The D.i.L is a UNITY of People 2 People NemberĀ® NetworX of  WAN  LAN  MAN  PANS + your imagi-
_ _ _ _ _ _.  The way I.T was meant to be.    120sec auto traffic advancing tag in effect


A22 sec understanding
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Circle circle circle around the board


it's Virtual Ad Space >
virtual ad space
Matching Accurately and Properly
need " wee say " more
Nembers like everything

What do ya got ?!

> via a MAP 222
the Domain that IS
yOURS together

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the p2p discovery company vote with play with shop with your deal d.i.l
NembersSM helping Nembers

heY , Due you know where you're @!  reclaiming earth

  • Definition of Nembership without giving away secret
    (( formulation ))  DirectinterNetLocator.COM abbreviated is D.i.L
    translated  =  d i l  ;  sounds like deal  =  Mi DeaL
    it is Key Coding that only " you " knowww

    (((  kinda like " DOORS " that you create ; so TO SPEAK  )))

Some insight ; try reNembering
nu mosiac
shhhould bring you to the VIRTUAL LiD HOME DOOR


120sec auto traffic advancing tag in effect

it's not lost in translation
it's***mi deal***
that only you know
that know only you
you only know that
you know

101% + or minus 1 absolute ID security = privacy is the goal