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or not...

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About the D.i.L

Directinternetlocator started   in 1996.

The .Company's ROOT policy is that of privacy-call services...
I.T  ' is ' ALL '  ABOUT you and the other you.   PUBLIC <and> PRIVATE

Current article for understanding the situation....
view a  list of things the computer can do, like ports. [ all computer systems ]

new mosiac http://www.faqs.org/faqs/net-abuse-faq/harvest/#ct
you should know why
yOUR email address' is very important
how the EMAIL PROTOCOL is getting abused by 20th century tactics.
no naming , yET!

Since then, approximately 50,000 miles criss crossing America four times,
and a half year in merry OLE England and several trips to the Netherlands revealed
from the people: Privacy : Privacy : Security !

In cyberspace watching seven years, waiting and willing to give 'the hand' to the little man.

Therefore; the primary directive of The .Company
is to get people Nember access by claiming an email address.

the primary goal of the .Company
is based on our iPD { internet proclamation declaration }
in simple words > no abuse of the mail-to privacy issue.

Short and sweet,
D.i.L servers will VAS match accurately and properly accorDinglee with what Nembers request(s)
via Key Coding that only they know...read more about this

Nothing more, nothing less .... Are you a Nember yET ?!

except free internet access by 2007 , now matter where you live.
[exception: EARTH RESIDENTS only]
We have 21st Century peoples ready to serve and be served.

NEMBERsm Rights Reserved...ALWAYS
The Worlds Nember Owned .Company