How serious our wwwe; check this out
and then
you will know what side of the fence you are on, our friend.?.!.


> THIS .COM (and many other .'s)
have survived many months online, and needless to say, IF you believe the basis of
this site
can come to fruition, then do what is asked on-site and off-site from the many that we point to :)
Lock out window indicator 20th century tactic(s) very soon.

AND you yallllllll THOUGHT it WAS over


OPEN_YOUR_EYES.gif (25861 bytes)

1997 Napster p2p file sharing.
Shawn F. Original Progrer
Current owner(s)...FAT KAT(z)
IF, you do not know about this
story, ask your neighbor / geek freak.
or do a search and educate yourself.

The 21st Century belongs to all.

window indicator the secret napster clone that connects p2p window indicator
and window indicatorfoldershare.comwindow indicator

To keep it simple why in.form.ation is so critical to each people
circumstances / tech no logy
could allow an attempt to lock
out public use of network access
due to wide spread knowledge of
local and global news events.....
blah blah blah....You noticed with Katrina and the sunami eathquake we're sure!
Well, guess wot=)

...AND for many reasons,
The D.i.L is inviting
to cl@im Nembership

So, they too can create their n.e.w.s

To secure a right to @ccess for people, not just machines, and that's what dil is all about.

This is Nembership NOT membership
THE SIMPLE DIFFERENCE,-if you haven't figured it out already

A 7 Matrix Key Code view
everYthing with slicing and dicing ! arriving
in print all aroun D U
i magine now tomorrow evolved right
now earthling today

Blowing daa 20th century away wit all its tic tac
tics politics
etcetra blah bla bla la la na na na nana nana hey hey ehhh goodbye

iPv4 <^> iPv6

The Worlds Nember Owned .Company

please viSit f.A.q area ] B4 asking the same as others/thought/toooo

to send Your concern/etc..................................................
this page/area/public/shared/border/was last updated: 

Rem :u rA > * <= aka...ePU
soME pages on The LID=DiL=Deals will recall=refresh automatically while you navIgate and while wee keeP builDing
whY? 2 eNsure up 2 date viewing content on YOur screen (s) = terminal (s)(no matter where your_online@..)
an!D, NATurally Your Key Codin(G) is YOur secret....til til til


  • SOW, Win Ever YER ready #1! Claim A Nember 2 day 2 stART YOur DiL=Deal (z)

wee tweak our content control 25/8 witH 101 percent see cure i.T tee
via Mystification identification <*[!Does not apply to buying and/or selling]
A 2 1st Century P2P .Community
navigate anyway you wish