WRITING [Locally and Globally]

If you have already Claimed your NembershipLink Opens in New Window >, and completed the Recording App, please browse through the positions to see which one would suit you best.  The position will be linked for you to complete before 2007.

AW = Area Writer          Temporarily Volunteer-Only

Description: Notify Netizens of "goings-on" in your area...from local events to short stories written by you.

Will work closely with APs

Your main priorities would be to:

  • Write about things like: personal experiences; poems / short stories; 21st-century happenings within your area (how the internet / technology has impacted you and your area).
  • Find current events for your area, like garage sales, concerts, and any other "happenings" in your area.
  • Write an introduction about yourself - as personal as you want to get, but be careful about what kind of information you post online.

To enjoy this position, you should like...

  • To Write
  • To Collect  & Freely share information concerning your area