If you have already Claimed your NembershipLink Opens in New Window >, and completed the Recording App, please browse through the positions to see which one would suit you best.  The position will be linked for you to complete before 2007.

LAP = Local Area Pablisher           Temporarily Volunteer-Only

Description: Administrate and maintain content for your specific area - a radius within your city/town/,etc.

Will work closely with APs

Your main priority would be to let visitors & natives know what's around your area, which entails:

  • Plotting on a Map what's around your radius.  (Your radius is determined by a 4-point, 20-minute walking distance from your residence.)  This includes collecting pictures & information (companies' hours, websites, etc.), plotting them on a map, and converting your sketched map into computerized graphical form.  [Knowledge of Graphic Design is preferred, but not required]

This is a temporarily volunteer-only position, which means that until the
Face'sLink Opens in New Window > are set in motion (and advertising monies collected), you will have to invest your own money in the following:

  • Paper (for printing items downloaded from D.i.L)
  • Business Cards (standard, white cards to print on)
  • Film & Development (or a disposable camera / digital camera...whatever) for taking pictures of your area radius

To enjoy this position, you should like...

  • To Work with Maps
  • To Collect & Organize information concerning your area
  • To freely share information about your area with others
  • Graphics Design [ preferred, but not required]

Preferred Capabilities:

  • Maintain residence in the area applying for
  • Have online access at least once every 36 hours
  • Have a strong interest in the progress of your area
  • Own (or have consistent access to) a printer and scanner