LOCATING INFO. ONLINE [Worldwide &/or Locally]

If you have already Claimed your NembershipLink Opens in New Window >, and completed the Recording App, please browse through the positions to see which one would suit you best.  The position will be linked for you to complete before 2007.

Everyone can be a Mystery Surfer.  Don't you write down website addresses you hear from the radio, see on television / billboards, etc?  Well...that's a Mystery Surfer!

MS = Mystery Surfer          Permanently Volunteer-basis Only

Description: Locate 21st-centuryLink Opens in New Window > certified sites - locally and/or globally.

Will work closely with all Nembers

Your main priority would be to:

  • Locate information online that other Nembers can't find themselves.  This position will be an "on request" basis.

To enjoy this position, you should like...

  • To "find the needle" in the online haystack
  • To freely share information with others