(HTML, Flash, Database, etc.)

"...But will show you how to kick I.T. in the ass!ace".rr

Click the Position to complete the Questionnaire...ONLY if you have already Link Opens in New Window >Claimed your Nembership, and completed the Recording App.

PROG = Programmer          Temporarily Volunteer-Only until !D:DNS'.REGS.are esTablishe!D=)W.Wide ;)

ask...JohnNY ;)

Description: Use your technological skills to help DiL & Nembers build a better online world.  This position will be an "on request" basis.

Will work closely with all Nembers

To enjoy this position, you should like...

  • To tell the computer to do something, and have it respond!  But, if you just use your computer to play solitaire, and work on a few programs, you shouldn't be signing on for this position. 
  • To freely share your technological know-how with others
  • -