This is a transcript compilation.... please dismiss spelling errors and grammaticals.

Just understand, this is ISREAL#CONTENT

best to print The!DFAQ ; trust us you will find amusement with it, and to boot > may be some insight for Yous

if You would prefer to hear some remixes/clips of music that best describes the !D endeavor have@i.T here

17++ years of Q & A from all over the gloBe

Just reading this page is enough to absorb exactly what The!D mea.NS /// could mean to You; kinda like sponge bob for adults L0L
and, what it=DIL will NOT BE ABLE TO ACCOMplish

with all serious and respect in min!D We=DNS OPERATORS and ASSOCIATES had to say that!

some say it would take a day or so to publish content [1st known was that of human voice and/or expressions...wee tink],
nowww=balance..i.T may be takes a nano / second or two OK maybe three secs LOLoh

So now what do you thinK i.T means?
sure hope you are catching the cluez
And, what do You thinK2!Dewww with AaA#!D

hummm, yeppp wee+no! We Know//L.edge

{meaning; while !D GOAL developes to fruitition "things on site"!DREPUBLICxNATION.ssh! will change 24/7+1:)=31

---huh humm 14+years Online; and We'R just gett iN stARTe!D
IT'S WeIRD=wire!D ART, beCause Wee All RRR

hey WT FLIP Wee All live here (.)
(:gla!D Wee Establishe!D th@=that:)

wiki wiki wiki

---Please keep in min!D The!D is at/in its teenage years =)
sow to speak

therefore; twitter Tings are rapiDily changin Ggg =)  reNember that when naviGating !DREPUBLIC WEB SITE, yes there are other interAnets The!D PLUGS

The!D.i.L is best eXperienced@1024x768 Flash, sound and human (s)

see Y The!D chose --> NEBULA 4 pick way 2 gate ways
  • Ok, sow 1st things 1st =)
    > > > There is no one "way for all to navIgate"
    "this hear" information super high way aka world wide web
    the internet is a totally different system of things hence you can just about do everything you can think of; hal ever the key is following thru, and knowing where and how to stArt your tAsk-) see internet:ports see file:extensions see country:codes# yep You betCha dats what The!D means; eveRYthing=catcher=)
    aka >?!work.X<:)~? MEANING:nAME sERVING if ya truly understand what that mea.ns! If not, no sweat > you will!
    AND, there is no one single interface for all to use;yeT LOL

those NaviGATING with The D.i.Lwill help you begin *framing*setting the internetNaviGATING with The D.i.L

*basically you're just splitting screens=views*

You then go where only uno; trust us You found goodNplenty
of 21st Century Peoples'/ SOWWW DOEZ The!D=)~as You will notice.

and, you will locate=fin!D them onsite (if The!D is promoting You, and you are in business#TRACK2!DCORP to see what's neXt with V.A.S virtual ad spacing final phase, and how to make placements within The!D WWW RE+PUBLIC CIRCLE=!D RING!D7

Access !DPICGALLERY for more eXplaNationing and material for Your !Deal(proMotion.s)
A Collection of !D pictures (: there are like thousands of !D signs:) for You "to get", to promote Your Deal :) sow, if a picture is worth a thousand words, well then have a glance through !DGraphical representation of The!DIRectINTERnetlocator.COM :) user !Dsigned interface:)ing

> > >note: !DREpublic site is a bit craZy CUZ we all are!
#hal.dll# ever; if you complete!D 7th step then you should have access to your very own www.directinternetlocator DOT space =)

There are all sow many public home page entrance doors, if you haven't figured that out ;) lol grrr
an!D; yes yez ye U2 can have/show off Your!D on !D !D serving N.Serving.Sys.teams :)

We also are moVing away from the general "index" pages that was used in the beginning of the livinginternet revolution,,, wanna know why

This is why wee create, manipulate, share using pick+way 2 gate.ways Erected in real time "By;You", 4Uonly cuz only You know what network.X.You.Use! AND, what You like :) right rite write!

please d0 not
ask what's
! been asked ?
you probably will
not get answered
unless;j see's i.TLOL

! find yer
own way !
? on The!D

did u get your
orientation to The!D
! ? ! ! ? ! ! ?

17 yrs online means
means "something"

when BG tweets






The Worlds

Finally Ehh (=)

TOP QUESTIONS sinds=since 1996
our industry is media , entertainment , publishing , advertising via p2ppp point to point protocols
/meDia/enTerTainmenT/pUblishing/ADvertiSing/co.pilotinG referral Company


NembersSM know what "they" want; !-->HeY, whatcha got ?!?
P2ppp via NEMBER MAPS that "they" create
Matching Accurately and Properly 101percent
wit Zer0 b.s

BeCause "they" Own i.T
they own IT

witH "aAa" Name to !DO i.T



those NaviGATING with The D.i.Lwill help you begin framing the internetNaviGATING with The D.i.L

find out about john J aka...a LMM
Originating founder of The!D and wut hee tinks: now that's fun ehh;

AN!D,,,OR listen to the song by queensriche calle!D "emPire"
BEcause, that's what we're doing.

lifting magical lids dil its magical
i.T's Magical and ,more than hyper text transfer proto call
that's why some things are spelled/punctuated weird strange so as the robots crawlers etc pick up on i.T
and index / serve correct_lee just you wait an c++m'e'e'e

h t t p to understand TCP##transmission control protocol
############has now reached a googl beyond control!
thank G! there 4 here comes us along with our IPv6_addressing_system(s)
comma comma comma sow with that information , You should relize what gracious TIME WE LIVE IN and on and on *-*
on this ballllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

The!D.i.L is a very berry special Company that You Own a pART thereof,
buy / sell /control / erase / rewind / cut /copy / paste / design til the end of Your::TI:E


btw (by the way) , when you must g0!
BOOK:MARK:iT the way You vieW i.T  remember seeing it 
reNember i.T
, 4 i.T will look/should be exactly that way when you come back 2 i.T/open it.

even if you're m.a.t.r.i.x.i.n.g?! YEP!
with one mosaic=moe say ik=browser progRAM! ok,

stay tune!DourBrowserz
will be out near 2014! maybe sooner with Your help [ if so qualified ]

...otherwise play with !Dsite 2 answer any other questions in Your mind

plus you will uncover much discOvery on your own , the way i.T shoulD BE

those NaviGATING with The D.i.Lwill help you begin framing the internetNaviGATING with The D.i.L

hint: most people/sites We showcase are found on !Dsite, currently 98%open to the public, (((the very-outer+rings)))

Watch this to understanD!Dplan quickly ,,, with alittle help from our friends and the pink panther NATurally...
Wee are building "The .Company" so that when tomorrow arrives we will be able to "SHOW THE DEMAND > GLOBALLY "

17 year update > > > > our massive Research/D paved the way
for the, "lets make a deal" > digital forMUla that's store!D offline!

> Nembers like everything !
What do You got///Wutcha g0t

To begin building=putting together Your Nember+Ship [jump-here]
[12+steps to start i.T up]
[3 steps to MAP2VAS]


#1 ?  what is D.i.L ? = it is aAa "Direct"internet"Locator
does that sound good 2 u 2  ...a dil in Your pocket/where ever

#2. i.T. why is it i.T
i.T everywhere onsite ? = information Technology ;)
it enables us to connect in real time without delay...we will show You, you'll see ;)

#3. Is D.i.L a search engine ? lol  Nope ( see below for more about that ? )lol)
we do list most all sEarch engines that ever existed or ever will!
the deal is , You choose Your Nember+Ship with whatever engine you want in it :) (init) get it))

#4. Is it required to clAim A Nember to use the web site?
but, win u-do i.T gETs alot bet-ter ;) wit Nembership!
( we have transparency sites that only You can gain access to )
and...its practically UNBREAKABLE > ask j!

#5. What is the best definition of p2p=peer to peer :)! the best that we could
locate to date ? iS > there

5.5 why can't key codes be broken within P2P ?  because of TRusT and ones faith wee guess.
no 1 ever has YET been able

those NaviGATING with The D.i.Lwill help you begin framing the internetNaviGATING with The D.i.L

#6. Why sow many public entry doors ?  HAHA hoho ho to give the:many to pick from
and 2 cover:all:bases:with:everyone:sees things differently

#7. Can people under 12 years of age buy-in to ? 
absolutely NOT
However, they can "Prime" THeir Key Code (pTKC) until then, with guardian permission(s) naturally.

#8. How can I be listed in Nember positions and get pAid ? 
Please navigate
To: D.i.L Company Opportunities
All interested parties !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

number nine
can we please hav Your p2p Key Code , i can't reNember it ?
  hummm , mayb.iF+U AX niCe Le

OH THE Suspense

if you gotta facebook you might be able to see myspace and mego wherever you go and meetup to hi5 each other a long the way via the livinginternet

Simply put The!D TW NOC only promotes21st Century People(s)
You too, not youtube can master !D Communication Navigation

and, if you ever care2 meetup with those plentyoffish in the world via the livinginternet and you have abit of computerhope then you get a hi5 therefore quailifying yourself 4adil sow makeYour!Deal

keeping it real kinda like volunteermatch ING ing ING...all ways an eye4u if you get="jet" i.T hal ever witH a Twist TIE > > > that only You knowww
> > calleD Key CoDing , all of Your DomaiN(S)! yes > y0r myspace.com2;) heY, mEgo iZ coming across the internet in real time live via.> digital form....we rocked in the tree top all day long just a tweeting our songs.

|*add You're pArt to !Dstory morning glory|

both !D Sexes Arriving Alive online
NKC 4 Personal
NKC 4 Business

How did The!D directinterNetLocator really get started ?!? simple put in the year 1988.......with an adam com put error, and johnjjr experimenting
!D Timelining
also for You're pleasure view ing=understaning !D>!Diagrams/charts/drawings/notes/movies=flashes/pictures/videos/stories=articles
all about the

It's an Investment in Your Area
Help create thousands of j.o.b.s every month

Yep We know about,,,

As the street protests went on, young Egyptians also were mobilizing and venting their anger over Gaza on what would, until recently, have seemed an unlikely venue: Facebook, the social-networking site. In most countries in the Arab world, Facebook is now one of the 10 most-visited Web sites, and in Egypt it ranks third, after Google and Yahoo. About one in nine Egyptians has Internet access, and around 9 percent of that group are on Facebook--a total of almost 800,000 members. This month, hundreds of Egyptian Facebook members, in private homes and at Internet cafes, have set up Gaza-related "groups." Most expressed hatred for Israel and the United States, but each one had its own focus. Some sought to coordinate humanitarian aid to Gaza, some criticized the Egyptian government, some criticized other Arab countries for blaming Egypt for the conflict, and still others railed..........

Now Come along....You are pArt of the NU Media that changes every thing:)

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Internet Explorer 6.0+ , Firefox 0.7+ , Netscape 7.1+ , Mozilla 1.4+ , or any browser based on Mozilla 1.4+

Mac OS X/Linux/Unix
Firefox 0.7+ , Camino 0.9+ , Netscape 7.1+ , Mozilla 1.4+ , or any browser based on Mozilla 1.4+

Mac OS X/Linux/Unix
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Full support for Apple Safari 3.0 and above (and possibly other browsers based on Apple WebKit build 522 and above)

What happens if I use an unsupported browser?
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O The!D
What happens if I use an unsupported browser?
A regular textarea will be displayed instead so you can still edit content an old fashioned way. This is highly unlikey as you can see above :)

Annoucing !DB"aces"
YEP You guessed its NKC (=)