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The Domain Name System
d i r e c t i n t e r n e t l o c a t o r.com
Journal of Notations

we've ALL come along way baby


Sept.25,1996 -- Operating license & papers work done!
OCT.31.1996 -- The name DIRECTinternetLOCATOR.com [Golden, CO]
was identified on all internet world wide web name servers.
Nov.5.1996 -- PAB booklet schemes developed. [Arvada, CO]
Jan.10.1997 -- Recruitment began in the UTOPIA server; aka..the TRAVELER.
Feb.13.1997 -- Virtual host transferred from Software Intelligence to Affinity Hosting.
Mar.17.1997 -- Compilation of forums/chat servers & I.M services. PGP KEY1 & KEY2 burned!
aka...powwow, icq, yahooIM etc...
June.20.1997 -- System BUG!
Sep.25.1997 -- Systems UP 100%! PABS cancelled!
Nov.11.1997 -- Suggestion polls started in all newsgroups. [Largo, FL]
Dec.31.1997 -- Back-up of host directories and watermarked images.
Feb.13.1998 -- Navigation discussions throughout the usenet and telNET.
Mar.30.1998 -- Interface all protocols in-line with DNS. Security issue. [Medford, OR]
Jan.11.1999 -- Catalog raw data. [Portland, OR]
Mar.11.1999 -- 75% upload, including a graphical North America view of the internet
(the backbones connecting us all). Compliments from boardwalk. [Fairhope, AL]
Also, some history of computer systems and the network founders will be accessible.
Mar.15.1999 -- Safeharbor --
Apr.11.1999 -- Time Table of time-consuming netizen tasks.
May.11.1999-- Restructure of DNS value tables.
July.11.1999 -- Suggestion poll completed in all age groups. Category scanning began for DNS brokers.
System-wide passwords changed in preparation for year 2000 upcoming event. [Lithia, FL]
Aug.23.1999 -- Backup system fried!
Sep.11.1999 -- Back-up of D.i.L sys files.
Oct.31.1999 -- D.i.L turns 3 while thousands drop.
Dec.31.1999 -- WATCH ALL NETWORKS IN SILENT MODE until summer 2000 , maybe 2001.
Feb.11.2000 -- [Chipley, FL -- operating out of camper equipped with everything]
July.11.2000 -- Launch prototype D.i.L F2F interface. [Ponce de Leon, FL]
Sep.20.2000 -- System II fried! BKUP in place. Started renting computers as back up.
Oct.15.2000 -- Final direction of purpose reached !?
Nov.5.2000 -- HOSTING FILES DELETED**not sure if hACKed or not, but the carrier did
not remove the D.i.L's account on their SYS until 60 or so days later , affecting internet traffic.
Host affinity.net does not respond to 4 requests--it should onlY take one, maybe 2.
Nov.27.2000 -- vHOST changed  to getwebspace.com
Dec.3.2000 -- Processing data stream points for NEW ISP OS I TV
Jan.11.2001 -- Launching of VAS
Feb.11.2001 -- Gathering input from road trip to Nevada from Florida [Winnemucca, FL]
Mar.11.2001 -- Crunching data from trip.
July.11.2001 -- Out of bandwidth; moved terminal to temporary location.
Aug.2.2001 -- Watching for code red on 7am ticker.
Mar.17.2002 -- Searching all protocols for 21ST Century technology on public terminals. [Amsterdam, The Netherlands]

finale' mET a tRON see footnote about this shattering experience that influenced the kernel in ways only dreamed moi until , NOW
Apr.1.2002 -- Gathering 5-month input from da THE Netherlands/Nederlandse/Holland
Apr.25.2002 -- Re-design navigational to reflect current promoting. [Banbury, England]
Aug.7.2002 -- Small email campaign flopped and exploited gws.
Aug.30.2002 -- Search engines test. Guess what - the "best" aren't who you think they are!
Sept.1.2002 -- NEMBER sign-on begins until summer 2003.
Oct.23.2002 -- Gathering 6-month input from England.
D.i.L's focus and ideas integrated into global modules and Face-2-Face Area templates [Weesp, The Netherlands]
Nov.17.2002 -- THOUGHT gws removed D.i.L from primary server, but it was only because DNS payment was late :)
Mar.3.2003 -- Hard drive with D.i.L's work for the last 5 months FAILS!! It makes a turn-signal-like sound
(click-click...click-click), and't won't boot the system files - we thought all the work was lost, and we just about
resolved to quit computers and go flip hamburgers at McDonalds. But luckily, we had another hard drive in the
system that boots the computer and reads from the hard drive with all files on it (but it still won't write to it ... NP)
Apr.11.2003 -- Removed all old D.i.L files from server in preparation for upload and 90-day promotion of final navigation.
Jul.19.2003 -- Upload all D.i.L files to main server in preparation for any day promotion 2003.
Sept.1.2003 -- Launch D.i.L Nember sequence protocol test
Dec.7.2003 -- Upload embro iPD and ignite the Netizens.
Dec.27.2003 -- Updating forms to make sure you can reNember, and finalizing navigation for the upcoming year.
DEC.31.2003 -- START SCAN OF ALL SEARCH ENGINES for the d.i.L hyperlink ;)
Feb.05.2004 -- emerge dial up connectivity to main server upload.
Apr.01.2004 -- Honest thief discovering. (That was a trick used to heard online traffic) Based on rumor only, it worked.
Jun.07.2004 -- Return to USA with 2 jaars Amsterdam data

Sep.01.2004 -- Return to Netherlands for season
Dec.14.2004 -- Return to Florida to implement and prepare for online awareness
Nov.07.2005 -- DNS registrant name dropped!
Nov.08.2005 -- A big? fish tried to gobble The D.i.L ... lol ... thus taking the bait that showed the internet is ready for Nembers.
Dec.07.2005 -- All Name Servers showing nu dns owners''''
Dec.15.2005 -- All NS showing rightful DNS intellect owner(s)
Jan.01.2006 -- One year and counting
Feb.?.2006 -- vHOST changed  to webhosttooeasy.com
Apr.05.2006 -- Updated Site Public Policy Use aka...P3P
May.01.2006 -- iPD draft online  ( internet proclamation declaration )
Jun.20.2006 -- Monitor all internet and intranet traffic with MAP
Sep.27.2006 -- Upload test cgi and Nember blog
Nov.15.2006 -- Initiate sequence VPS
Dec.01.2006 -- Set Key Code NAME and PASSWORD audio video realms
Jan.11.2007 -- Stress test mirrors for 007 traffic


offline code gathered via post and telephonic


Jul.11.2007 -- silent deal run
Aug.11.2007 -- wind dil clocks
Sep.11.007 -- post seeking repetitious sequencing models

2007-2010 !D WAIT
instantly located...omidyar.net=Working

OCT8: ontsluiten and open gulweg merchant RE public buyin doors boors


Domain Name System
Journal of Notations


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