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the D.i.L


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remember, We Are the P2P DISCOVERY .COMPANY
with alot of dots to /\.



Stop Slow Down the World is Changing and You Should Claim Your Piece of E@RTHLING PIE TODAY,ce
A maZe of wayz
to fly your shippp


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Especially before 2007

eXposing Information Technology
Imagine Now Tomorrow Evolved Right Now Earthling Today

THIS .COM and many other .'s
has survived 15+yrs online,
and needless to say, this costs vast resources.
(more than most of you know)
IF you believe the basis of this site can come to fruition,
then do what is asked on-site and off-site
from the many that wwwe point to :)

Lock out window indicator 20th century tactic(s)00N.

Many Access interfaces to play with

To work it is to play with it, and to play with it is to own I.T.

Are You a Nember yET ?!
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