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on with the sho

A Object code library

A Library file (Unix)

AA Audible audio file (commonly used for downloadable audio books)

AAM Authorware shocked file

AAS Authorware shocked packet

AB Applix Builder file

ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font

ABK Backup file (PrintMaster Gold)

ABK Corel Draw AutoBackup

ABM Audio album file (HitPlayer)

ABO Applix Builder Turbo file

ABS MPEG Audio Sound file

ABS Standard GNU compiler output file for a PC platform

ABS Sometimes used to denote an abstract (as in an abstract or summary of a scientific paper) AutoBackup

ACA Project Manager Workbench file

ACA HTTP animation file (Microsoft Agent)

ACB ACBM Graphic image

ACC DR-DOS Viewmax file

ACD Character definiton file (Microsoft Agent)

ACE ACE Archiver Compression file

ACF HTTP character file (Microsoft Agent)

ACI ACI development appraisal (ACIWEB)

ACL Corel Draw 6 keyboard accelerator file

ACM Windows system directory file

ACM Interplay compressed sound file (Fallout 1,2, Baulder's Gate)

ACM Dynamic Link Library (DLL)

ACP Microsoft Office Assistant Preview file

ACR American College of Radiology file

ACS Character structered storage file (Microsoft Agent)

ACT Microsoft Office Assistant Actor file

ACT FoxPro Foxdoc Action Diagram

ACT Action Presentation

ACT Documenting wizard action diagram (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)

ACV Used to Compress and decompress audio data

AD After Dark screensaver

Ada Ada source text file (non-GNAT)

ADB Ada source text body file (GNAT)

ADB HP 100LX Organizer Appointment database

ADC Scanstudio 16 color Bitmap Graphic file

ADD OS/2 adapter driver file used in the boot process

ADF Amiga disk file

ADI AutoCAD device-independent binary plotter file

ADL QEMM Mca adaptor description library

ADM After Dark MultiModule screensaver (Microsoft)

ADM Windows NT policy template

ADN Lotus 1-2-3 Add-In file

ADP Dynamic Page file (AOLserver)

ADP FaxWorks Faxmodem setup file

ADP Astound Dynamite file

ADR After Dark Randomizer screensaver

ADR Smart Address address book

ADS Ada source text specification file (GNAT)

ADT HP NewWave datafile for card applications

ADT AdTech Fax file

ADX Dynazip Active Delivery script

ADX Lotus Approach dBase Index

ADX Archetype Designer Document

ADZ Packed ADF file (Extracts with WinZip)

AE Author/Editor file (SoftQuad)

AEP ArcExplorer project file

AF2 ABC FlowCharter 2.0 Flowchart

AF3 ABC Flowchart

AFC Apple Sound file

AFI Truevision Bitmap graphic

AFM Adobe metrics

AFM HP NewWave Cardfile application

AG Applix graphic

AI Adobe Illustrator drawing

AI Corel Trace drawing

AIF Audio Interchange File, a sound format used by Silicon Graphics and Macintosh applications

AIFC Similar to AIF (compressed)

AIFF Similar to AIF

AIM AOL Instant Messenger Launch file

AIN AIN Compressed archive

AIO APL transfer file

AIS ACDSee Image Sequence

AIS Velvet Studio Instruments file

AIS Xerox Arry of Intensity Samples Graphic

AIX HP NewWave Cardfile Application data

AKW Contains all A-keywords in the RoboHELP Help Project Index Designer not associated with topics

ALAW European Telephony audio

ALIAS Alias Image

ALB JASC Image Commander album

ALI Document file (SAP proprietary format)

ALL Arts & Letters Library

ALL WordPerfect for Windows General printer information file

ALS Alias Image

ALT WordPerfect Library Menu

AM Applix SHELF Macro

AMF Music file (Advanced Module Format)

AMF DSMIA/Asylum module music (Crusader,No Remorse,Aladdin)

AMG AMGC Compressed archive

AMG ACTOR System image

AMI Annotation file (Cocreate SolidDesigner)

AMS Velvet Studio music module (MOD) file

AMS Extreme's Tracker module

AN Text file (Sterling Software) (Groundworks COOL Business Team Model)

ANC Canon Computer Pattern Maker file that is a selectable list of pattern colors

ANI Microsoft Windows Animated cursor

ANM DeluxPaint Animation

ANN Windows 3.x Help annotation

ANS ANSI Text file

ANT SimAnt for Windows saved game

AOS Nokia 9000 Add-on software

AOT Applicatio binary object template file (ZenWorks snAPPshot)

AP Applix Presents file

AP WHAP Compressed Amiga archive

APC Compiled application file (Centura Team Developer)

APC Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver

APD Dynamic application library file (Centura Team Developer)

APD Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver

APF Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver

APF Project file (Allaire) (Created by Homesite)

API Application Program Interface; used by Adobe Acrobat

API Lotus 1-2-3 Printer driver

APL Application library file (Centura Team Developer)

APL APL Workspace file

APP Normal mode application file (Centura Team Developer)

APP Symphony Add-in Application

APP Generated application or active document (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)

APP dBase Application Generator Object

APP DR-DOS Executable Application

APP FoxPro Generated Application

APR ArcView project file

APR Employee Appraiser Performance Review file

APR Lotus Approach 97 View file

APS Microsoft Visual C++ file

APS Advanced patching systems with error checking, (Similar to IPS)

APT Lotus Approach Data view file

APT Text mode application file (Centura Team Developer)

APX Lotus Approach Paradox-Specific information file

APX Borland C++ Appexpert database

AQ Applix data

ARC LH ARC (old version) compressed archive

ARC SQUASH Compressed archive

ARF Automatic Response file

ARI ARI Compressed archive

ARI Aristotle audio file

ARJ Robert Jung ARJ compressed archive (ARJ)

ARK ARC File Archiver CPM/Port archive

ARL AOL v4.0 organizer file

ARR Atari Cubase Arrangement

ART Xara Studio drawing

ART Canon Crayola art

ART Clip Art

ART Ray Tracer file

ART First Publisher Raster graphic

ART AOL Image file compressed using the Johson-Grace compression algorithm

ARX ARX Compressed Archive

AS Applix Spreadsheet

ASA Microsoft Visual InterDev file

ASC ASCII text file

ASC PGP armored encrypted file

ASD WinWord AutoSave file

ASD Lotus 1-2-3 Screen driver

ASD Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) description file; opens with NSREX

ASD Astound Presentation

ASE Velvet Studio Sample file

ASF Music file (Electronic Arts)

ASF Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format

ASF StratGraphics Datafile

ASF Lotus 1-2-3 Screen font

ASH TASM 3.0 Assembly language header

ASI Borland C++/Turbo C Assembler Include file

ASM Assembler Language source file

ASM Pro/E assembly file

ASO Astound Dynamite Object

ASP Active Server Page (an HTML file containing a Microsoft server-processed script)

ASP Procomm Plus setup and connection script

ASP Astound Presentation

AST Astound multimedia file

AST Claris Works "assistant" file

ASV DataCAD Autosave file

ASX Cheyenne Backup script

ASX Microsoft Advanced Streaming Redirector file

ASX Video file

AT2 Aldus Persuasion 2.0 Auto Template

ATM Adobe Type Manager data/info file

ATT AT&T Group 4 bitmap

ATW AnyTime Deluxe for Windows personal information manager file from Individual Software MultiModule screensaver

AU Sun/NeXT/DEC/UNIX sound file

AU Audio U-law (pronounced mu-law)

AUD Audio file (Westwood Studios) (Kyrandia 3,C&C,RedAlert,C&C:TS)

AUX TeX/LaTeX Auxilliary Reference file

AUX ChiWriter Auxilliary Dictionary file

AVA Avagio Publication

AVB Inculan Anti-Virus virus infected file

AVI Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved file for Windows movie

AVR Audio Visual Research file

AVS Application Visualization System file

AVS Stardent AVS-X Image

AVX File Extension (ArcView)

AW HP AdvanceWrite Text file

AW Applix Words file

AWD FaxView Document image

AWK AWK Script/Program

AWM Animation Works Movie

AWR Telsis file for digitally stored audio

AWS StatGraphics Data file

AXL ArcIMS XML project file

AXT ASCII application object template (ZenWorks snAPPshot)

AXX ARJ compressed file from a multi-volume archive (xx = a number from 01 to 99)

A3L Authorware 3.x library

A4L Authorware 4.x library

A5L Authorware 5.x library

A3M Authorware MacIntosh file (unpackaged)

A4M Authorware MacIntosh file (unpackaged)

A4P Authorware file (packaged without runtime)

A3W Authorware Windows file (unpackaged)

A4W Authorware Windows file (unpackaged)

A5W Authorware Windows file (unpackaged)

B Applause Batch list

BAD Oracle bad file

BAK Backup file

BAL Ballade Music score

BAR dBase Application Generator Horizontal menu object

BAS BASIC source code

BAT Batch file

BB Papyrus Database backup

BBL TeX/BibTeX Bibliographic reference file

BBM Deluxe Paint Bitmap image

BBS Bulletin Board Sytem text

BCH Batch Process Object (dBase Application Generator)

BCH Datalex Entry Point 90 Data file

BCM Microsoft Works Communications file

BCO Bitstream Outline font description file

BCP Borland C++ Makefile

BCW Borland C++ 4.5 Environment settings file

BDB Microsoft Works Dababase file

BDF West Point Bridge Designer file

BDF Egret Datafile

BDR Microsoft Publisher Border

BEZ Bitstream Outline font description

BF2 Bradford 2 Font

BFC Windows 95 Briefcase Document

BFM Font Metrics file (Unix/Mainframe)

BFX Fax document file (BitFax)

BG Microsoft Backgammon Game file

BGA OS/2 Graphic array

BGI Borland Graphics Interface Driver

BGL Microsoft Flight Simulator Scenery file

BHF pcAnywhere Host file

BI Binary file

BIB Bibliography file (ASCII)

BIB TeX/BibTeX Literature Database

BIB Database

BIF GroupWise initialization file

BIF Image Capture Board Binary Image black & white graphic


BIN Binary file

BIO OS/2 Bios file

BIT X11 Bitmap

BK Backup file (Generic)

BK JetFax Faxbook file

BK$ Backup file (Generic)

BK! WordPerfect for Windows Document backup

BK1 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 1

BK2 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 2

BK3 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 3

BK4 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 4

BK5 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 5

BK6 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 6

BK7 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 7

BK8 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 8

BK9 WordPerfect for Windows Timed backup file for document window 9

BKP TurboVidion Dialog Designer Backup

BKS IBM BookManager Read bookshelf file

BKS Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Backup

BKW FontEdit Fontset mirror image

BLB Resource archive (DreamWorks),(Neverhood)

BLD BASIC Bloadable picture file

BLK Alias Wavefront Image

BLK WordPerfect for Windows Temporary file

BM Windows system Bitmap

BMF Corel Gallery file

BMK Windows Help bookmark

BMP Windows or OS/2 bitmap

BM1 Apogee BioMenace data

BN Instrument bank file (AdLib)

BNK Sound effects bank file (Electronic Arts)

BNK Instrument Bank file (AdLib)

BOL Compressed archive library file (Microsoft Booasm.arc)

BOM Bill of materials file (Orcad Schematic Capture)

BOO Microsoft Booasm.arc Compressed archive

BOOK Adobe FrameMaker Book

BOX Lotus Notes file

BPC Business Plan Toolkit Chart

BPL Borland Delphi 4 packed library

BPS Microsoft Works Document

BPT CorelDraw Bitmap fills file

BPX Truevision Targa Bitmap

BQY BrioQuery file

BR Bridge Script

BRD Eagle Layout file

BRK Brooktrout Fax-Mail file

BRW Application file associated with financial institution(s) loan applications

BRX A file for browsing an index of multimedia options

BRZ DbBRZ file for very large Db backup or restore

BSA BSARC Compressed archive

BSC Apple II Compressed archive

BSC Fortran Pwbrmake Object

BSC MS Developer Studio (MSDev) browser information

BSP Quake map file

BS1 Apogee Blake Stone data file

BS_ Microsoft Bookshelf Find Menu shell extension

BTM Batch file used by Norton Utilities

BTR Database file (Btrieve 5.1)

BUD Backup disk for Quicken

BUG Bugs and Problems file

BUN CakeWalk Audio Bundle (a MIDI program)

BUP Backup

BUT Buttons! Button definition

BUY Movie data file

BV1 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 1

BV2 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 2

BV3 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 3

BV4 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 4

BV5 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 5

BV6 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 6

BV7 Wordperfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 7

BV8 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 8

BV9 WordPerfect for Windows Overflow file below insert point in document 9

BW SGI Black and White image file

BW Silicon Graphics Raw red,green and blue bytes file

BWB Visual Baler Spreadsheet application

BWR Kermit Beware buglist

BWV Business Wave file


BZ Bzip compressed file (Inix)

BZ2 Bzip compressed file (Unix) (replaces Bz)

B1N 1st Reader Mono and color binary screen image

B30 ABC Ventura publisher printer font

B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts file

B8 Raw graphic file (Piclab Plane II)

B_W Atari/Macintosh black and white graphic

B&W Atari/Macintosh black and white graphic

B&W 1st Reader Mono binary screen image

C C code

C Site configuration for Secure Remote (CheckPoint VPN)

CA Telnet Server Initial cache data file

CAB Microsoft cabinet file (program files compressed for software distribution)

CAC dBase IV Executable file

CAD Softdesk Drafix Cad file

CAG Catalog file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v. 2.x,3.x,4.x)

CAL CALS Compressed Bitmap

CAL SuperCalc 4/5 Spreadsheet

CAL Calendar schedule data file

CAM Casio camera file

CAN Navigator Fax

CAP Ventura Publisher Caption

CAP Compressed music file

CAP Telix Session Capture file

CAR AtHome assistant file

CAS Comma-delimited ASCII file

CAT Quicken IntelliCharge categorization file

CAT dBase Catalogue file

CB Microsoft clean boot file

CBC CubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System file

CBI Column binary file (used in IBM mainframe systems)

CBL Cobol Source code

CBM XLib Compiled Bitmap

CBT Generic Computer based training file

CC Visual dBASE custom class file

CC C++ Source code

CCA cc:mail archive file

CCB Visual Basic Animated Button configuration file

CCC Curtain Call Native bitmap graphic

CCE Data file (Calendar Creator Plus)

CCF Multimedia Viewer configuration file used in OS/2

CCF Symphony Communications Configuration file

CCH Corel Chart

CCL Intalk Communication Command Language

CCM Lotus CC:Mail "box" file (for example, INBOX.CCM)

CCO CyberChat data file

CCO XBTX Graphics

CCT Macromedia Director Shockwave cast file

CDA CD Audio Track

CDB Clipboard file

CDB CardScan Database (CardScan)

CDB TCU Turbo C Utilities Main database

CDB Conceptual model backup file (PowerDesigner)

CDF Netcdf Graphic file

CDF Microsoft Channel Definition Format

CDFS Compact Disk filing system (WindRiver)

CDI Phillips Compact Disk Interactive file

CDK Atari Calamus Document

CDM Conceptual model file (PowerDesigner)

CDM Visual dBASE custom data module

CDM Conceptual data model file (PowerDesigner Data Architect) (Sybase)

CDR Corel Draw Vector drawing file

CDR Raw Audio-CD data file

CDT Corel Draw template

CDT CorelDraw Data file

CDX Corel Draw compressed drawing

CDX Microsoft's Visual Foxpro index

CE The FarSide Computer Calendar Main CE file

CEG Tempra Show Bitmap graphic

CEL CIMFast Event Language file

CEL AutoDesk Animator Cel Image

CER Certificate file (MIME x-x509-ca-cert)

CF Imake Configurtion file

CFB Comptons Multimedia file

CFG Configuration file

CFL CorelFLOW Chart

CFM ColdFusion template

CFM Visual dBASE Windows customer form

CFM Corel FontMaster file

CFN Atari Calamus Font data file

CFO TCU Turbo C Utilities C form object

CFP The Complete Fax Portable fax file

CGA Ventura Publisher Display font file

CGI Common gateway interface script

CGM Computer Graphic Metafile

CH OS/2 configuration file

CH Clipper 5 Header

CH3 Harvard Graphics 3.0 Chart

CH4 Charisma 4.0 Presentation

CHD FontChameleon Font descriptor

CHF pcAnywhere remote control file

CHI ChiWriter Document

CHK File fragments saved by Windows Disk Defragmenter or ScanDisk

CHK WordPerfect for Windows Temporary file

CHL Configuration History Log

CHM Compiled HTML file

CHN Ethnograph Data file

CHP Ventura Publisher Chapter file

CHR Character Sets (Font file)

CHT ChartViewer file

CHT Harvard Graphics Vector file

CHT ChartMaster dBase Interface file

CIF CalTech Intermediate Graphic

CIF Easy CD Creator image

CIF pcAnywhere caller file

CIL Clip Gallery download package file

CIM Sim City 2000 file

CIN OS/2 change control file that tracks changes to an INI file

CIX TCU Turbo C Utilities Database Index

CKB Borland C++ Keyboard mapping file

CK1 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data

CK2 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data

CK3 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data

CK4 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data

CK5 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data

CK6 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data

CL Generic LISP Source code

CL3 Layout file (Adaptec Easy CD Creator)

CLASS Java class

CLG Disk Catalog database

CLL Cricket Software Clicker File

CLO Cloe Image

CLP Windows Clipboard

CLP Quattro Pro Clip art

CLP Clipper 5 Compiler Script

CLR 1st Reader Binary color screen image

CLR PhotStyler Color defintion

CLS Visual Basic Class Module

CLS C++ Class Definition

CM Craftman Data

CMA Database file in plain text format (APPLIX TM1)

CMD Command file for Windows NT (similar to a DOS .BAT file), OS/2

CMD DOS CP/M command file

CMD dBase-II program file

CMD 1st Reader External Command Menu

CMF Corel Metafile

CFM Creative FM-Music

CMG Chessmaster saved game

CMK Card Shop Plus file

CMM CEnvi Batch file


CMP Address document

CMP CorelDRAW 4.0 Postscript Printer Header

CMP Route 66 Address Document

CMP Microsoft Word for DOS User dictionary

CMR MediaPlayer Movie

CMV Corel Move animation

CMX Corel Presentation Exchange image

CMYK Raw cyan, magenta, yellow, and black bytes file

CNC CNC General Program data

CNF Configuration file used by Telnet, Windows, and other applications with varying internal formats

CNM Windows application menu options and setup file

CNQ Compuworks Design Shop file

CNT Windows (or other) system content files for the help index and other purposes

CNV Word for Windows Data conversion support file

CNV WordPerfect for Windows Temporary file

CNV Conversion files (WS_FTP Pro) files that will be converted from (Example) "HTML-"HTM" for upload

COB trueSpace 2 object

COB COBOL Source code

COD Microsoft C compiler output as displayable machine language/assembler with original C as comments

COD FORTRAN Compiled code

COD dBase Application Generator Template source file

COD Video Text file

COL AutoDesk Animator Color Palette

COL Microsoft Multiplan Spreadsheet

COM Command file (program)

CON Simdir Configuration file

COZ Customer Opera Zip file

CP8 CP8 256 Gray Scale image

CPD Corel PrintOffice file (drawing)

CPD Fax Cover document

CPD Complaints Desk Script

CPE Fax Cover document

CPF The Complete Fax (Fax file)

CPH Image file (Corel Print House) see CPO

CPI Microsoft MS-DOS code page information

CPI ColorLab Processed Image bitmap

CPJ CeQuadrant CD Project

CPL Control Panel Module

CPL Compel Presentation

CPL Corel color palette

CPO Image file (Corel Print Office)

CPP C++ Source code

CPP CA-Cricket Presents presentation

CPR Corel Presents presentation

CPS Central Point PC Tools Backup

CPS Coloured postscript

CPT Corel Photo-Paint image

CPT Macintosh Compressed Archive

CPT dBase Encrypted Memo

CPT CA-Cricket Presents Template

CPX Corel Presentation Exchange compressed drawing

CPY Data file (Copy Books)


CRC Circular reference file (Pro/Engineer)

CRC Check file (Win-SFV32) (Fantasia Software)

CRD Microsoft Windows 3.x Cardfile

CRF Zortech C++ cross-reference

CRH Image file (Microsoft Golf)

CRP Corel Presents run-time presentation

CRP Visual dBASE custom report

CRP dBase IV Encrypted database

CRS WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows File Conversion resource

CRT Certificate file

CRT Oracle Terminal settings information

CRT Crontab file)

CRU CRUSH Compressed archive

CSA Comma deliminated text

CSC Corel script

CSG Statistica/w Graph file

CSH C shell script files (Hamilton Labs)

CSM Borland C++ 4.5 Precompiled header

CSM Script file (Kodak Dc265 Camera)

CSO Customer service data and outcome file

CSP PC Emcee On-Screen image

CSS Stats+ Datafile

CSS Statistica/w Datasheet

CSS vCascading Style Sheet (MIME)

CST Macromedia Director "Cast" (resource) file

CSV Comma-separated values file

CSV CompuShow Adjusted EGA/VGA Palette

CT Scitex CT bitmap

CT A graphic file associated with the Paint Shop Pro Graphic Editor

CTC PC Installer Control

CTF Symphony Character code translation

CTL Used in general for files containing control information. FAXWorks uses it to keep information about each fax sent and received.

CTL dBase IV Control

CTX Visual Basic User control binary file

CTX Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Ciphertext file

CTX Microsoft Online Course Text

CUE Microsoft Cue Cards data

CUL Cursor library file (IconForge)

CUR Windows Cursor

CURSOR Sun Microsystems Cursor

CUT Dr Halo Bitmap

CV Corel Versions archive

CV Microsoft CodeView information screen

CVG Image

CVS Canvas drawing file

CWK Claris Works data

CWS Claris Works template

CXT Macromedia Director protected (not editable) "Cast" (resource) file

CXX C++ source code

C-- Sphinx C-- Source code

C00 Ventura Publisher Print file

C01 Typhoon wave

C86 Computer Innovation (C86) Source code

DAO Windows Registry Backup

DAP Data access page (Microsoft Access 2000)

DAT Data file

DAT A data file extension used to designate an error message in a inbound internet email message (Microsoft Exchange Server v 5.0)

DAT WordPerfect Merge Data

DAT Extension used for some MPEG files

DB Borderland's Paradox 7 table database

DBC Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container file

DBF A dBASE file, a format originated by Ashton-Tate, but understood by Act!, Clipper,FoxPro, Arago, Wordtech, xBase, and similar database or database-related products.

DBF Enable database (can be opened with Excel 97)

DBF Oracle 8.1.x tablespace file

DBK dBase Database Backup

DBK Schematic backup file (Orcad Schematic Capture)

DBO Compiled program file (dBase IV)

DBQ Paradox Memo

DBT dBase Text Memo

DBV Memo field file (Flexfile 2)

DBW Microsoft Windows 9.x Database file (DataBoss)

DBX DataBeam image

DBX Microsoft's Visual FoxPro Table file

DC CAD file (DesignCAD)

DC2 CAD file (DesignCAD)

DCA Document Content Architecture Text file (IBM DisplayWrite)

DCA Visual Basic Active designer cache

DCF Disk Image file

DCF Data file (Dyadic)

DCIM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (image and data)

DCM DCM module

DCP Data CodePage (OS/2)

DCR Shockwave file

DCS Desktop Color Separation file

DCS Bitmap Graphics (Quark XPress)

DCS Datafile (ACT! Activity file)

DCT Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container file

DCT Database Dictionary file (Clarion Database Developer)

DCT Database SpellCheck Dictionary (Harvard Graphics 3.0-Symphony)

DCU Delphi compiled unit

DCX Microsoft's Visual FoxPro database container file

DCX Fax image (based on PCX)

DCX Macro file

DCX Bitmap Graphics file (Multipage PCX)

DC5 DataCAD Drawing

DD Compressed Archive (Macintosh DISKDOUBLER)

DDB Bitmap Graphics file

DDF Btrieve or Xtrieve Data Definition File, which contains metadata describing a Btrieve or Xtrieve file


DDIF Digital Equipment or Compaq file. Used for storing images and their word processing documents

DDP Device Driver Profile (OS/2)

DEB Debug Script (DOS Debug)

DEF SmartWare II data

DEF Define Module file (3-D Fassade Plus)

DEF C++ definition file

DEF Assembly Header file (Geoworks)

DEFI Oracle 7 de-install script

DEM Demo file (Descent)

DEM A file with USGS standards for Digital Elevation Models (Vista Pro)

DEM Graphics file (Vista Pro)

DEP Visual Basic Setup Wizard Dependency file

DER Certificate file

DEV Device Driver

DEWF Macintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit recorded instrument file

DEZ Encrypted zip file (DES Encryption)

DFD Data Flow Diagram Graphic (Prosa)

DFI Outline Font description (Digifont)

DFL Default Program Settings (Signature)

DFM Data Flow Diagram model (Prosa)

DFS Sound File (Delight)

DFV Printing Form value (Microsoft Word)

DGN Microstation95 CAD drawing

DGS Diagnostics Report

DH Dependency Information file (Geoworks)

DHP Graphic file (Dr. Halo II-III PIC Format)

DHT Datafile (Gauss)

DIA Diagraph Graphics file (Computer Support Corporation)

DIB Device-independent bitmap

DIC Dictionary file

DIC Dictionary file (Lotus Notes, Domino)

DICM Digital imaging and communications in medicine file (DICOM)

DIF Data Interchange Format spreadsheet

DIF Database file (VisiCalc)

DIF Data Interchange Output file

DIF Text file (Output from Data Interchange Format)

DIG Digilink file

DIG Sound Designer I audio

DIP Graphics file

DIR Macromedia Director file

DIR Dialing Directory (ProComm Plus)

DIR Directory (VAX) (DEC)

DIR Movie (MacroMind Director 4.x)

DIS Ray Tracer file

DIS Distribution file (VAX Mail)

DIS Thesaurus file (CorelDraw)

DIZ Description file (Description in ZIP)

DKB Graphics file (Ray Traced DKBTrace)

DL Image

DLD Datafile (Lotus 1-2-3)

DLG C++ Dialogue Script

DLL Dynamic-link library file

DLL Export/Import Filter (CorelDraw)

DLS Downloadable sound

DLS Interactive music architecture (IMA)(Microsoft),(Blood2)

DLS Setup file (Norton DiskLock)

DMD Visual dBASE data module

DMF Packed Amiga disk image

DMF X-Trakker music module (MOD)

DMO Demo file (Derive)

DMP Dump file (Screen or Memory)

DMS Compressed Archive (Amiga DISKMASHER)

DOB Visual Basic User document

DOC FrameMaker or FrameBuilder document

DOC WordStar document

DOC WordPerfect document

DOC Microsoft Word document

DOC DisplayWrite document

DOC Document format (Interleaf)

DOG Screen Saver file (Laughing Dog Screen Saver)

DOH Dependency Information file (Geoworks)

DOS External Command file (1st Reader)

DOS Network Driver file (PKT_DIS.dos)

DOS Text file (DOS)

DOT Word Document Template (Microsoft Word for Windows)

DOT Line-Type definition (CorelDraw)

DOX User document binary form (Visual Basic)

DOX Text file (MultiMate 4.x)

DOZ Description out of Zip (VENDINFO)

DP Calendar file (Daily Planner)

DP Datafile (DataPhile)

DPL Borland Delphi 3 packed library

DPR Project header (Borland C++)

DPT Publication file (Publish-It!)

DRAW Acorn's object-based vector image

DRC Design rules check report file (Orcad Schematic Capture)

DRS Display Resource file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

DRV Driver

DRV Device Driver (Required to make a device function)

DRW Vector graphics (Micrografx)

DRW Lotus Freelance Image

DRW Pro/E drawing

DS4 Micrografx Designer Image

DR9 Directory file

DS4 Vector Graphics (Micrografx)

DSC Discard file (Oracle)

DSD Database file (DataShaper)

DSF Micrografx Designer v7.x file

DSG DooM saved game

DSK Project Desktop file (Borland C++/Turbo Pascal)

DSK Driver file (Novell Netware)

DSM Dynamic Studio music module (MOD)

DSM Digital Sound Module (DSI)

DSM Music module file (DSIK)

DSN ODBC Data source

DSN Design (Object System Designer)

DSN Schematic file (Orcad Schematic Capture)

DSP Microsoft Developer Studio project

DSP Display parameters (Signature)

DSP Graphics Display driver (Dr. Halo)


DSR Visual Basic Active designer file

DSR Driver Resource (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

DSS Screensaver file (DCC)

DSS Digital Sound file (Digital Soup))

DST Embroidery machines graphic file

DST Distribution file (PC-RDist, by Pyzzo)

DSW Desktop settings (Borland C++ 4.5)

DSW Microsoft Developer Studio workspace file

DSX Visual Basic Active designer binary file

DT_ Data file fork (Macintosh)

DTA World Bank's STARS data

DTA Datafile (Turbo C++)

DTD SGML Document Type Definition (DTD) file

DTED Digital terrain elevation data (geographic data format)

DTF Database file (PFS-Questions & Answers)

DTF Symantec Q&A relational database

DTM Module file (DigiTrakker)

DTP Desktop layout file (SecurDesk!/SecurDesk! LV)

DTP Text Document (Timeworks Publisher 3.x)

DTP Template file (Pressworks)

DUN Microsoft Dial-up Networking Export file

DUP Duplicate Backup

DV Digital video (MIME)

DVC Datafile (Lotus 1-2-3)

DVF Graphics file associated with camcorders (DV Studio)

DVI Binary file (TeX)

DVI Device Independent Document (TeX) (LaTeX)

DVP Desqview Program information (DESQview)

DVP Device parameter file (AutoCAD)

DW2 Drawing file (DesignCAD for Windows)

DWC Compressed Archive (DWC)

DWD DiamondWare digitized file

DWF Vector graphic (Autodesk)

DWF Drawing Web file (Microsoft WHIP autoCAD reader)

DWG AutoCAD Drawing

DWG AutoCAD drawing, or older Generic CAD drawing file

DWP Document file (DeScribe)

DWS Workspace file (Dyadic)

DX Digital Electric Corporation (DEC) Data exchange file

DXF Drawing Interchange (eXchange) format,a text representation of the binary DWG format

DXF Drawing Interchange Format (AutoCAD)

DXF Data Exchange File

DXN Fax document (Fujitsu dexNet)

DXR Macromedia Director protected (not editable) movie file

DYN Datafile (Lotus 1-2-3)

D2D 2D/3D object file (3-D Fassade Plus)

D64 Commodore 64 emulator disk image

e00 Exchange file (Arc/Info)

EBJ Error Checking Object file (Geoworks)

ED5 EDMICS image

ED6 EDMICS image

EDA Ensoniq ASR disk image

EDB ROOTS3 Geneological data file

EDE Ensoniq EPS disk image

EDD Element Definition document (FrameMaker+SGML documents)

EDK Ensoniq KT disk image

EDQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 disk image

EDS Ensoniq SQ80 disk image

EDT Default settings (VAX Edt editor)

EDV Ensoniq VFX-SD disk image

EEB Button Bar for Equation editor (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

EFA Ensoniq ASR file

EFE Ensoniq EPS file

EFK Ensoniq KT file

EFQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file

EFS Ensoniq SQ80 file

EFT High Resolution Screen Font (ChiWriter)

EFV Ensoniq VFX-SD file

EFX Fax Document (Everex EFax)

EFX Fax document (Efax Reader)

EGA EGA Display font (Ventura Publisher)

EL Lisp Source code (eMacs)

ELC eMac Lisp Source code (byte-compiled)

ELM Theme-Pack file for (Microsoft FrontPage)

ELT Event List Text file (Prosa)

EMB Embedded bank File (Everest)

EMD ABT Extended MoDule

EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile

EML Microsoft Outlook Express mail message (MIME RFC 822)

EMS Enhanced Menu System Configuration file (PC Tools)

EMU Terminal Emulation Data file (BITCOM)

ENC Music file (Encore)

ENC Video file

ENC Encoded file (UUENCODEd File, Lotus 1-2-3)

END Arrow-Head Definition Table (CorelDraw)

ENFF Neutral Format

ENG Dictionary Engine file (Sprint)

ENG Chart Graphics file (EnerGraphics)

ENV Enveloper Macro (WOPR)

ENV Environment file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

EPD Publication file (Express Publisher)

EPHTML Enhanced Perl-parsed HTML

EPI Document file (Express Publisher)

EPS Encapsulated Postscript Vector graphics (Adobe Illustrator)

EPS Printer font (Epson, Xerox, Ventura Publisher)

EPS2 Adobe Level II Encapsulated Postscript

EPS Encapsulated Postscript image file

EPSF Encapsulated PostScript

EPSI Adobe Encapsulated Postscript Interchange

EQN Equation file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

ER1 ERWin file

ERD Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file (Prosa)

ERM Entity Relationship Diagram Model file (Prosa)

ERR Stores the error messages that result when the RoboHELP Help Compiler attempts to compile the source files of a Help system

ERR Compilation error file (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)

ERX ERWin file

ESH Extended Shell Batch file (DOS)

ESL Distributable support library file (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)

ESPS ESPS audio file

ETH Document file (Ethnograph 3.x)

ETX Structure Enhanced text (SetText)

EUI Ensoniq ESP family compacted disk image

EVT Event Log (Microsoft Windows NT, 2000)

EVY Document (Microsoft Wordperfect for Windows Envoy)

EWD Text Document (Express Publisher for Windows)

EWL Microsoft Encarta document

EXT2 Second extended file system (Linux)

EXT3 Third extended file system (Linux)

EX3 Device Driver file (Harvard Graphics 3.x)

EXC Microsoft Word Exclusion Dictionary file

EXC Source Code file (Rexx VM/CMS)

EXC Exclude file for Optimize (do not process, QEMM)

EXE Executable file (program)

EXP Saved chat (ICQ)

EXT ASCII binary transfer file (WS_FTP PRO) (IPSWITCH Software)

EZP Compressed file (Edify.zip) (Edify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility)

E00 Coverage export file (ArcInfo)


F Compressed file archive (FREEZE)

FAC Face graphic

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions document

FAR Music module (MOD) (Farandole Composer)

FAS Basic module file (3-D Fassade Plus)

FAV Navigation bar (Microsoft Outlook)

FAX FAX Type image

FBK Backup (Navison Financials)

FC Spell Check dictionary file (Harvard Graphics)

FCD Virtual CD-ROM file

FCM Binary file patch (Forward Compression)

FD Declaration file (FORTRAN)

FD Field offsets for compiler (DataFlex)

FDB Database (Navison Financials)

FDF Forms Document (Adobe Acrobat)

FDW Document form (F3 Design and Mapping)

FEB Button Bar for Figure Editor (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

FEM CADRE Finite Element Mesh

FF Outline Font description (AGFA CompuGraphics)

FFA MS find fast file

FFF Fax document (defFax)

FFF GUS PnP bank file

FFL MS fast find file

FFL Image file (PrintMaster Gold)

FFO MS fast find file

FFT Final Form Text (part of IBM's DCA)

FFX MS fast find file

FH3 Aldus Freehand 3 drawing (Vector graphic)

FH4 Aldus Freehand 4 drawing (Vector graphic)

FI File Interface (FORTRAN)

FIF Fractal Image


FIL File template (Application Generator)

FIL File List Object (dBase Application Generator)

FIL Overlay (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

FIN Print formatted text (Perfect Writer)

FIT Graphic (FITS)

FIT File index table (Microsoft Windows NT)

FITS CCD camera image

FITS Flexible Image Transport System file

FIX Patch file (Generic)

FKY Macro (Microsoft FoxPro)

FLA Movie (Macromedia Flash)

FLB Format library (Papyrus)

FLC FLIC animation (AutoDesk)

FLD File folder (Charisma)

FLD Field define module file (3-D Fassade Plus)

FLF Delived form (Corel Paradox)

FLF License (Navison Financials)

FLI FLIC animation (AutoDesk)

FLI Font library (EmTeX)

FLF Driver (OS/2)

FLL Distributable dynamic link library (DLL) (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)

FLM Film Roll (AutoCAD)

FLO FlowCharter file (MicroGrafx)

FLS Filelist document (Farrukh Imposition Publisher)

FLT Graphics filter (Microsoft)

FLT Filter (Corel)

FLT Filter (Micrografx Picture Publisher)

FLT Graphics filter support file (Asymetrix ToolBook)

FLT Music module (MOD) (StarTrekker)

FLT Open Flight file (MulitGen)

FLX Compiled binary file (DataFlex)

FM Spreadsheet (FileMaker Pro)

FM FrameMaker Document (Adobe)

FM1 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3, version 2.x)

FM3 Device driver (Harvard Graphics, version 3.0)

FM3 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3, version 3.x)

FMB Binary source code for form, (Oracle, v4.x and later)

FMB File Manager button bar (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

FMF Font or Icon (IBM LinkWay)

FMK MakeFile (FORTRAN PowerStation)

FML Mirror list (Oracle)

FMO Compiled format (dBase IV)

FMP Document file (FileMaker Pro)

FMT Text format for form file (Oracle, v4.x and later)

FMT Print file (Microsoft Schedule+)

FMT Style sheet (Sprint)

FMT Csreen format file (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)

FMX Executable form, (Oracle,v4.x and later)

FN3 Font (Harvard Graphics)

FND Saved Search (Find applet) (Microsoft Explorer)

FNG Font group (Font Navigator)

FNK Module (FunkTracker)

FNT Font (Generic)

FNX Inactive font (Exact)

FO1 Font (Borland Turbo C)

FO2 Font (Borland Turbo C)

FOG Fontographer font

FOL Saved message folder (1st Reader)

FON Font (Generic)

FON Call log (Procomm Plus)

FON System font (Generic)

FON Dialing directory (Telix)

FOR FORTRAN source code

FOR Form (WindowBase)

FOT Font-related file (Generic)

FOT Installed TrueType font (Microsoft Windows Font Installer)

FP Configuration file (FoxPro)

FP FileMaker Pro file

FP1 "Flying Pigs" screensaver datafile (Microsoft Windows 9.x)

FP3 FileMaker Pro v.3 & 4 document file

FP5 Document file (FileMaker Pro v.5)

FPC Catalog file (FoxPro)

FPT FileMaker Pro file

FPT Memo fields (Microsoft FoxPro)

FPW Floorplan drawing (FloorPlan Plus for Windows)

FPX Bitmap (FlashPix)

FR3 Renamed dBaseIII+ form (dBase IV)

FRF Font (FontMonger)

FRG Uncompiled report (dBase IV)

FRK Zip (compressed ) file (Macintosh)

FRM Form (Generic)

FRM Document (FrameMaker or FrameBuilder)

FRM Executable file (Oracle,v3.0 and earlier)

FRM Form (Visual Basic)

FRM Merge form (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

FRM Symbol Report (DataCAD)

FRO Compiled report (dBase IV)

FRP Form (PerForm PRO Plus)

FRS Screen Font Resource (Microsoft Wordperfect for Windows)

FRT Report menu (FoxPro)

FRX Form stash file (Visual Basic)

FRX Report (Microsoft FoxPro)

FSF fPrint Audit Tool

FSL Paradox 7 form (Borderland)

FSL Form (Paradox for Windows)

FSL Saved form (Corel Paradox)

FSM Sample file (Farandoyle)

FST Linkable program (dBFast)

FSX Data (Lotus 1-2-3)

FT Full text index (Lotus Notes)

FTB Index file (Roots3)

FTF Client access data specification file (AS/400) (Client to Server)

FTG Help system full-text search group file (Microsoft Windows)

FTM Font (MicroGrafx)

FTP File transfer protocol (Internet Generic)

FTS Help system full-text search index (Windows)

FTW Document file (Family Tree Maker)

FW Database (Framework II)

FW2 Database (Framework II)

FW3 Database (Framework III)

FW4 Database (Framework IV)

FWB Data file backup for file splitting configuration (FileWrangler)

FWS Data file for file splitting configuration (FileWrangler)

FX On-Line guide (FastLynx)

FXD Phonebook (FAXit)

FXP Compiled source code (FoxPro)

FXS Fax Transmit graphic (WinFax)

FZB Bank dump file (Casio FZ-1)

FZF Full dump file (Casio FZ-1)

FZV Voice dump file (Casio FZ-1)

F01 Fax document (Perfect Fax)

F06 Dos screen text font (height= 6 pixels)

F07 Dos screen text font (height= 7 pixels)

F08 Dos screen text font (height= 8 pixels)

F09 Dos screen text font (height= 9 pixels)

F10 Dos screen text font (height= 10 pixels)

F11 Dos screen text font (height= 11 pixels)

F12 Dos screen text font (height= 12 pixels)

F13 Dos screen text font (height= 13 pixels)

F14 Dos screen text font (height= 14 pixels)

F15 Dos screen text font (height= 15 pixels)

F16 Dos screen text font (height= 16 pixels)

F2R Linear music module (Farandole)

F3R Blocked music module (Farandole)

F77 Source code file (FORTRAN 77)

F90 FORTRAN file

F96 Fax document (Frecom FAX96)

G Data chart (APPLAUSE)

GAL Album (Corel Multimedia Manager)

GAM Fax document (GammaFax)

GB Emulator ROM image file (Nintendo GameBoy)

GBC Color emulator ROM image file (Nintendo GameBoy)

GBL Global definitions (VAXTPU Editor)

GC1 Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)

GC3 Lisp source code (Golden Common Lisp 1.1)

GCD Generic (TM) CADD drawing (later versions)

GCP Image processing file (Ground Control Point)

GDB Database file (InterBase)

GDF Dictionary file (GEOS)

GDM Bells, whistles, and sound boards module

GED Genealogical data (GEDCOM)

GED Graphic Environment Document (drawing)

GED Graphics editor native format (Arts & Letters)

GED Graphics editor file (EnerGraphics)

GEM Metafile (GEM)

GEM Vector graphics (Ventura Publisher)

GEN Generated text (Ventura Publisher)

GEN Compiled template (dBase Application Generator)

GEO Geode (Geoworks)

GetRight Unfinished-Download (GetRight)

GFB Compressed gif image (GIFBLAST)

GFC Patton&Patton Flowcharting 4 flowchart

GFI Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)

GFT Font (NeoPaint)

GFX Genigraphics Graphics Link presentation

GIB Chart (Graph-in-the-Box)

GID Windows 95 global index (containing help status)

GIF Bitmap (CompuServe)

GIM Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)

GIW Presentation (Graph-in-the-Box for Windows)

GIX Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)

GKH Ensoniq EPS family disk image

GKS GripKey document (Gravis)

GL Animation file (GRASP graphical System for Presentation)

GLM Datafile (Glim)

GLS Datafile (Across)

GLY Glossary (Microsoft Word)


GMP Tile map (Geomorph) (SPX)

GMR Graphical monitor record (Schlafhorst Automation)

GNA Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)

GNO Genealogy document file (Genopro)

GNT Generated executable code (Micro Focus)

GNX Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)

GOC Goc sorce code (Geoworks)

GOH Goc header (Geoworks)

GP Geode parameter file (Geoworks Glue)

GPH Graph (Lotus 1-2-3/G)

GPK Program package (Omnigo)

GPP Graph paper application file (GraphPap) (Generates graph paper)

GR2 Screen driver (Microsoft Windows 3.x)

GRA Graph (Microsoft)

GRA Datafile (SigmaPlot)

GRB Shell Monitor (MS-DOS v5.0)

GRD Image processing grid (CHIPS)

GRF Grapher (Golden Software) graph

GRF Graph (Charisma Graph Plus)

GRP Program Manager Group (Microsoft)

GRP Pictures group (PixBase)

GRY Raw graphic (GREY)

GS1 Presentation (GraphShow)

GSD Vector graphic (Professional Draw)

GSM Audio stream Raw GSM (6.10 audio stream)

GSM Audio stream Raw 'byte aligned (GSM 6.10 audio stream)

GSM GSM w.o. header/VoiceGuide/RapidComm file (US Robotics voice modems)

GSM GSM w. header/QuickLink file (US Robotics voice modems)

GSP Sketch pad file (GeoMeter Sketch Pad)

GSP Zip file (Gnuzip) (Allows for output to html)

GSW Worksheet (GraphShow)

GTK Music module (Graoumftracker) (old) (MOD)

GT2 Music module (Graoumftracker) (new) (MOD)

GUP Data (PopMail)

GWP Greetings WorkShop file

GWX Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)

GWZ Graphics Link presentation (Genigraphics)

GXL Graphics library (Genus)

GZ Compressed file (Unix gzip)

G721 Raw CCITT G.721 //$bit ADPCM data

G723 Raw CCITT G.723 3 or 5bit ADPCM data

G8 Raw Graphics (one byte per pixel) Plane III (PicLab)

H Program header (C)

HA Compressed archive (HA)

HAM Driver file (Novell Netware)

HAM Vector graphics saved file (Amiga)

HAP Compressed archive (HA)

HBK Handbook (MathCad)

HBK Accounting data file (Humanic Software)

HCM Configuration file (IBM HCM)

HCOM Sound Tools file (HCOM)

HCR Production configuration file (IBM HCD/HCM)

HDF National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Geospatial Hierarchical Data

HDF Help file (Help development kit)

HDL Alternate download listing (ProComm Plus)

HDR Database header (Pc-File+)

HDR Datafile (Egret)

HDR Message header text (ProComm Plus)

HDR Message header text (1st Reader)

HDW Vector graphics (Harvard Draw)

HDX Help index (AutoCAD)

HDX Help index (Zortech C++)

HED Document (HighEdit)

HEL Hellbender saved game (Microsoft)

HEX Macintosh BinHex 2.0 file

HFI HP font info (GEM)

HGL Drawing file (HP Graphics Language)

HH Help system map (Generic)

HH Header file (C++)

HHH Precompiled header (Power C)

HHP Help information for remote users (ProComm Plus)

HIT Audio file (HitPlayer)

HLB Help library (VAX)

HLP Help file (Generic)

HLP Windows Help file (DataCAD)

HMI Human machine interfaces MIDI music file (Descent)

HMM Alternate mail read option menu (ProComm Plus)

HMP Human machine interfaces MIDI music file (Descent)

HNC Program files (CNC)

HOG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD file

HOG Mission file (Descent 1-2)

HOG Main data package file (Descent3)

HOT Document file (HotSend)

HP8 Ascii text Roman8 character set (NewWave Write)

HPC Font language file (Hewlett-Packard)

HPF HP LaserJet font (Adobe Pagemaker)

HPF Partial download file (HotLine)

HPG HPGL Plotter vector graphics (AutoCAD)

HPG HPGL Plotter vector graphics (Harvard Graphics)

HPI Font information (GEM)

HPJ Help Project file (Visual Basic)

HPK Compressed archive (HPACK)

HPM Emm text (HP NewWave)

HPM Alternative menu for privileged users (ProComm Plus)

HPP Program header (C++)

HPP Header file (Zortech C++)

HQX BinHex (Macintosh 4.0)

HRF Rastor graphic (Hitachi)

HRM Alternate menu for limited users (ProComm Plus)

HS2 Monochrome image (Postering)

HSC FM synthesized music file (Used by many old games, e.g.:FINTRIS, ROL)

HSI Graphic (Handmade Software, Inc.)

HST History file (Generic)

HST History file (ProComm Plus)

HT HyperTerminal file

HTA A HTML file that has been used to by viruses to update the system registry

HTM A Web page (a file containing Hypertext Markup Language - HTML - markup)

HTML A Web page (a file containing Hypertext Markup Language - HTML - markup)

HTT Hypertext template (Microsoft)

HTX Template (Extended HTML)

HWD Presentation (Hollywood)

HWP Korean word processor document format (HanGul)

HXM HAM extension (Descent2)

HXM Alternate protocal selection menu (ProComm Plus)

HXX Header file (C++)

HY1 Hyphenation algorythm (Ventura Publisher)

HY2 Hyphenation algorythm (Ventura Publisher)

HYC Datafile (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

HYD Hyphenation dictionary (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

HYM 3D Image binary file (Hymarc Scandata Scanner)

HYP Compressed archive (HYPER)

H! On-line Help (Flambeaux Help!)

H++ Header file (C++)

H-- Header file (Sphinx C--)

I Intermediate file (Borland C++)

IAN Text file (Sterling Software) (Groundworks COOL Business Team Model)

IAX Bitmap (IBM Image Acess eXecutive)

IBM Compressed archive (ARCHDOS, IBM Internal only)

ICA Citrix file

ICA Bitmap graphic (Image Object Content Architecture)

ICB Targa bitmap

ICC Printer file (Kodak)

ICC Catalog file (IronClad)

ICD Drawing file (IronClad)

ICL Icon Library (Generic industry standard)

ICM Image Color Matching profile

ICN Icon source code

ICO Icon (Microsoft Windows 3.x)

ICS Scene file (IronClad)

ID Disk identification file (Generic)

IDB Intermediate file (Microsoft Developer)

IDD MIDI Instrument Definition

IDE Project file (Borland C++ v4.5)

IDF MIDI Instrument Definition (Windows 95 required file)

IDIF Identification file (Netscape saved address book)

IDQ Data Query (Internet)

IDW Vector graphic (IntelliDraw)

IDX Relational database index (Microsoft FoxPro)

IDX Relational database index (Symantec Q&A)

IDX Microsoft Outlook Express file

IDX Index file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v. 1.x)

IDX Index file (Pro/Engineer)

IFD Form (JetForm Design)

IFF Interchange file, (general purpose data storage format))

IFF Image (Sun TAAC/SDSC Image Tool)

IFO Digital Video Disk (DVD) datafile

IFO Graphic object layer data (ImageForge Pro)

IFP Script file (KnowledgeMan)

IFS Compressed fractal image (Yuvpak)

IFS System file (OS/2)

IFS Create executable library (ImageForge/ImageForge Pro)

IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (Generic)

IGF Metafile (Inset Systems)

IIF Interchange file (QuickBooks for Windows)

IIM Music module

ILB Datafile (Scream Tracker)

ILBM Bitmap (graphic image)

ILK Program outline (Microsoft ILink incremental linker)

IM8 Raster graphic (Sun Microsystems)

IMA Image (WinImage)

IMA Vector graphic (EGO,Chart)

IMF MIDI music file (Corridor 7, Blake Stone, Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny)

IMG Image (GEM)

IMG Bitmap graphic (Ventura Publisher)

IMP Spreadsheet (Lotus Improv)

IMQ Image presentation (ImageQ)

IMS Create executable library data (IconForge)

IN$ Installation file (HP NewWave)

IN3 Input device driver (Harvard Graphics v3.0)

INB Test script (Vermont High Test)

INC Include file (Assembler language or Active Server)

IND Index (dBase IV)

IND Shared Database file (Specifically in Microsoft Windows)

INF Information file (Generic)

INF Type I LaserJet font information file

INF Install script (Generic)

INI Initialization file (Generic)

INI Setup file (MWave DSP synth's mwsynth.ini GM)

INI Bank setup file (Gravis UltraSound)

INK Pantone reference fills file (CorelDRAW)

INL Inline function file (Microsoft Visual C++)

INP Source code for form, (Oracle,version 3.0 and earlier)

INRS INRS-Telecommunications audio

INS Install script (InstallShield)

INS Sign-up file (X-Internet)

INS Instrument file (Ensoniq EPS Family)

INS Sample (Cell/II MAC/PC instruments)

INS Datafile (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

INS Installation script (1st Reader)

INS Instrument music file (Adlib)

INT Intermediate executable code (Produced when a source program is syntax-checked)

INT Interfaced units (Borland)

INX Index file (Foxbase)

IO Compressed archive (CPIO)

IOB 3D graphics database (TDDD format)

IOC Organizational chart (Instant ORGcharting!)

IOF Findit document (Microsoft Findit)

ION File description (4dos descript.ion)

IOZ Import Opera Zip file

IPL Pantone Spot reference pallette (CorelDRAW)

IPS International patching system binary patch file

IQY Internet inquiry (Microsoft)

ISO Lists the files on a CD-ROM; based on the ISO 9660 CD-ROM file system standard

IRS Resource file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

ISD Spell checker dictionary (RapidFile)

ISH Compressed archive (ISH)

ISO ISO (International Standards Organization table, aka: ISO)

ISP Sign-up file(X-Internet)

IST Instrument file (Digitaltracker)

ISU Uninstall script (InstallShield)

IT Settings file (intalk)

ITF Interface file (JPI Pascal TopSpeed)

IT Music module (MOD) (Impulse Tracker)

ITI Instrument file (Impulse Tracker)

ITS Sample file (Impulse Tracker)

ITS Internet document set (possibly a Microsoft file)

IV Open Inventor file

IVD Microdata dimension or variable-level file (Beyond 20/20)

IVP User subset profile (Beyond 20/20)

IVT Table or aggregate data (Beyond 20/20)

IVX Microdata directory (Beyond 20/20)

IW Screensaver (Idlewild)

IW Presentation flowchart (IconAuthor-HSC Interactive)

IWA Text file (IBM Writing Assistant)

IWC Install Watch document

IWM Start file (IconAuthor)

IWP Text file (Wang)

IZT Binary token file (IZT)

JAR Java ARchive (a compressed file for applets and related files)

JAS Graphic (Generic)

JAVA Source code (Java)

JBD Datafile (SigmaScan)

JBF Image browser file (Paint Shop Pro)

JBX Project file (Project Scheduler 4.0)

JFF JPEG image

JIF JPEG image


JMP Discovery chart-to-statistics (SAS JMP)

JN1 Jill of the Jungle data (Epic MegaGames)

JNB Workbook file (Sigma Plot 5)

JOB Vector graphics file created by conversion of a IMG file (QuestVision)

JOR Journal (Microsoft SQL Server)

JOU Journal backup (VAX Edt editor)

JOZ Job Opera Zip file

JPC Graphic (Japan PIC)

JPE JPEG image

JPEG JPEG compressed bitmap

JPG JPEG bitmap

JS JavaScript source code

JSD Jet Suite document (eFAX)

JSP A HTML page containing a reference to a Java servlet

JTF JPEG bitmap

JTF Fax document (Hayes JT Fax)

JTF Bitmap graphic (JPEG Tagged Interchange Format)

JTK Java ToolKit file (Sun Microsystems)

JW Text document (JustWrite)

JWL Library (JustWrite)

JZZ Spreadsheet (Jazz)

J62 Ricoh camera file

K25 Sample file (Kurzweil 2500)

KAR MIDI file (text+MIDI) (Karaoke)

KB Keyboard script (Borland C++ 4.5)

KB Program source code (Knowledge Pro)

KBD Keyboard mapping script (Procomm Plus, LocoScript, Signature)

KBM Keyboard mapping script (Reflection 4.0)

KCL Lisp source code (Kyoto Common Lisp)

KDC Image (Kodak Photo-Enhancer)


KEY Icon toolbar (DataCAD)

KEY Datafile (Forecast Pro)

KEY Keyboard Macro

KEY Security file (Such as a software registration number)

KFX Image (KoFax Group 4)

KIZ Digital postcard (Kodak)

KKW Contains all K-keywords in the RoboHELP Help project Index Designer not associated with topics

KMP KeyMaP (Korg Trinity)

KPP Toolpad (SmartPad)

KPS Bitmap graphic (IBM KIPS)

KQP Native Camera file (Konica)

KR1 Sample (multi-floppy) file (Kurzweil 2000)

KRZ Sample file (Kurzweil 2000)

KSF Sample File (Korg Trinity)

KYB Keyboard mapping (FTP)

KYE Game data (Kye)

L Source code (Lex)

L Source code (Lisp)

L Linker directive file (WATCOM wlink)

LAB Datafile (NCSS-SOLO)

LAB Label file (Visual dBase)

LAB Mailing labels (Microsoft Excel)

LAN Loadable module (LAN DLL) (NetWare)

LAY Word Chart layout (APPLAUSE)

LAY Clipart file (Printmaster Gold)

LBG Label generator data (dBase IV)

LBL Label (dBase IV)

LBL Label (Clipper 5)

LBL Label (dBFast)

LBM Bitmap (DeluxePaint)

LBM Linear Bitmap graphics (XLib)

LBO Compiled label (dBase IV)

LBR Compressed archive (LU)

LBR Display driver (Lotus 1-2-3)

LBT Labels (Microsoft FoxPro)

LBX Labels (Microsoft FoxPro)

LCF Linker control file (Norton Guides compiler)

LCH Used in a program (unknown) that monitors a network's response time

LCK Lockfile (Paradox)

LCL Datafile (FTP)

LCN Lection document (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

LCS Data History file (ACT!)

LCW Spreadsheet (Lucid 3-D)

LD Long distance area codes file (Telix)

LD1 Overlay file (dBase)

LDB Lock file (Microsoft Access)

LDF Library definition file (Geoworks Glue)

LDIF Structured text file used for sharing information between E-Mail clients (Microsoft, Netscape and others)

LDL Library (Corel Paradox)

LEG Legacy document

LES System game profiles (same as REG file) (Logitec Entertainment)

LEV Level file (NetHack 3.x)

LEX Dictionary file (Generic)

LFD Data resource file (LucasArts Dark Forces)

LFP LaserForms Plus file (Evergreen)

LFT Loft file (3-D Studios) (DOS)

LFT Laser printer font (ChiWriter)

LG Logo procedure definition (LSRHS Logo)

LGC Application log file

LGD Application log file

LGO Logo file (PaintBrush)

LGO Header and footer logo (SuperFax)

LGO Startup logo (Microsoft Windows 3.x-9.x)

LHA Alternate file suffix for LZH

LHA Compressed Archive (LHA/LHARC)

LHW Compressed Amiga archive (LHWARP)

LIB Library file (Generic)

LIF Logical Interchange data (Hewlett-Packard)

LIF Compressed archive (Generic)

LIM Compressed archive (LIMIT)

LIN Line type file (DataCad)

LIN Interactive music sequencing data file (Electronic Arts)

LIS Output file produced by a Structured Query Reporting (SQR) program

LIS Listing (VAX)

LIX Logos library system file

LJ Text file (Hewlett-Packard LaseJet II printer)

LK Database file (OpenSight-16 bit)

LKO Linked object (Microsoft Outlook Express Junkmail file)

LL3 Document file (LapLink III)

LLX Exchange agent (Laplink)

LNK Shortcut file (Microsoft Windows 9.x)

LNK Linker response file (RTLink)

LNK Datafile (Revelation)

LOD Load file (Generic)

LOG Log file (Generic)

LOK Compressed file (FileWrangler)

LP A document reader used for downloading mortgage closing information (DesertDocs)

LPC Printer driver (TEKO)

LPD Helix Nuts and Bolts file

LPI Information file for laser printers (common with some scanning sofware)

LRC Video phone file (Intel)

LRF Linker response file (Microsoft C/C++)

LRS Language resource file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

LSF Logos library system file

LSL Saved library (Corel Paradox)

LSL Script library (Lotus)

LSP AutoLISP, CommonLISP, and other LISP language files

LSS Spreadsheet (Legato)

LST List file (Generic)

LST Keyboard macro (1st Reader)

LST Spool file (Oracle)

LTM Form (Lotus Forms)

LU Library unit file (ThoughtWing)

LVL Miner Descent/D2 Level extension (Parallax Software)

LWD Text document (LotusWorks)

LWF Wavelet graphics file (Luratech)

LWLO Layered Object file (Lightwave)

LWOB Object file (Lightwave)

LWP Wordpro 96/97 file (Lotus)

LWSC Scene file (Lightwave)

LWZ Linguistically enhanced sound file (Microsoft)

LYR Layer file (DataCAD)

LZD Difference file for binaries (Ldiff 1.20)

LZH Compressed archive (LH ARC)

LZS Compressed archive (LARC)

LZS Data file (Skyroads)

LZW Compressed Amiga archive (LHWARP)

LZX Compressed archive (Generic)

M Program file (Matlab)

M Macro module (Brief)

M Standard package (Mathematica)

M11 Text file (MASS11)

M1V MPEG-related file (MIME type 'mpeg')

M3 source,code file (Modula 3)

M3D 3D animation (Corel Motion)

M3U MPEG URL (MIME audio file) (MP3 Playlist)

M4 M4 Preprocessor file (Unix)

M_U Hard Drive Boot sector backup (MazeGold)

MA3 Macro (Harvard Graphics 3.0)

MAC Image (MacPaint)

MAC Macro (Generic)

MAD Module (Microsoft Access)

MAF Form (Microsoft Access)

MAG A graphics format found in some Japanese files

MAG MAG graphics format created by Woody Lynn (MPS Magro Paint System)

MAGIC Configuration file (Magic Mail Monitor)

MAI Mail (VAX)

MAK Project (Visual Basic or Microsoft C++)

MAK Makefile (Generic)

MAM Macro (Microsoft Access)

MAN Manual page output (Unix)

MAN Command module (Unix)

MAP Map file (Generic)

MAP WAD game file (Duke Nukem 3D)

MAP Color pallette (Generic)

MAP Format data (Micrografx Picture Publisher)

MAP Linker map file

MAP Map file used for color choices (Pro/Engineer)

MAP Map file (Atlas MapMaker)

MAP Network map (AccView)

MAQ Query (Microsoft Access)

MAR Report (Microsoft Access)

MAR Assembly program (VAX Macro)

MAS Graphics file (Lotus Freelance Smartmaster)

MAT Binary file (Matlab)

MAT Table (Microsoft Access)

MAUD Sample format (Maud)

MAX 3D scene (Kinetix 3D Studio Max)

MAX Document (Paperport)

MAX Layout file (OrCad)

MAX Source code (MAX)

MAZ Maze data file (Hover)

MAZ A format use by Division's dVS/dVISE

MB Memo field values for database (Paradox)

MB1 Data file (Apogee Monster Bash)

MBK Multiple index archive (dBase IV)

MBOX Mailbox file (Berkeley Unix)

MBX Extension Microsoft Outlook adds to saved email, Eudora mailboxes

MCC Calling card (Dialer10)

MCC Configuration file (MathCad)

MCD Document (MathCad)

MCF Font file (MathCad)

MCF Magic control file

MCI Command script (Media Control Interface)

MCP Project file (Metrowerks CodeWarrior)

MCP Application script (Capsule)

MCP Printer driver (MathCad)

MCR Keyboard macro file (DataCad)

MCW Document (Microsoft Word for Macintosh)

MCW Text document (MacWrite II)

MD Compressed archive (MDCD)

MDA Add-in file (Microsoft Access)

MDA Workgroup (Microsoft Access version 2)

MDB Database (Microsoft Access)

MDE MDE file (Microsoft Access)

MDL Spreadsheet (CA-Compete!)

MDL Music module (MOD) (Digital Trakker)

MDL Model (3D Design Plus)

MDL Model file (Quake)

MDL Model file element (Rational Rose)

MDM Modem definition (Telix)

MDN Blank database template (Microsoft Access)

MDT Data table (Microsoft ILink incremental linker)

MDT Add-in file (Data) (Microsoft Access)

MDW Workgroup (Microsoft Access)

MDX Multiple index file (dBase IV)

MDZ Wizard template (Microsoft Access)

ME ASCII text document (Generic)

MEB Macro editor bottom overflow library (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

MED Music module (MOD) (OctaMed Music Editor)

MED Macro editor delete save file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

MEM Macro editor macro (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

MEM Memory variable save file (Clipper)

MEM Memory variable save file (dBase IV)

MEM Memory variable save file (Microsoft FoxPro)

MEQ Macro editor print queue file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows Library)

MER Format for interchanging spreadsheet/database data; recognized by Filemaker, Excel, and others

MER Macro editor resident area (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows Library)

MES Macro editor workspace file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

MES Message file (Generic)

MET Presentation Manager metafile

MET Macro editor top overflow file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows Library)

MET Document file (OmniPage Pro)

MEU Menu group (DOS Shell)

MEX Executable command (Matlab)

MEX Macro editor expound file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

MF Metafont text file

MFG Manufacturing file (Pro/ENGINEER)

MGF Font file (MicroGrafx)

MGF A file in a Materials and Geometry Format

MHT MHTML document (Microsoft)

MHTM MHTML document (MIME)


MI Data file (Cocreate ME10)

MI Miscellaneous file (Generic)

MIC Image Composer file (Microsoft)

MID MIDI music

MIF Interchange format (Adobe FramMaker)

MIFF Machine Independent File (Generic)

MII Datafile (MicroStat-II)

MIM A multipart file in the Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) format; often created as the result of sending e-mail with attachments in AOL. The files in a multipart MIM file can be "opened" (unarchived and separated into individual files) using Winzip or a similar program.


MIX Object file (Power C)

MIX Picture file (Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000)

MIX Picture file (Microsoft Picture-It!)

MIX Package file (Command & Conquer)

MIX Resource archive (Westwood Studios)

MJF Audio file similar to MP3 (Mjuice) (Opens with WinAmp)

MK Makefile (Generic)

MKE Makefile (Microsoft Windows SDK)

MKI Graphic Image (MagView 5.0) (Japanese)

MKS Datafile (TACT)

ML3 Project file (Milestones 3.x)

MLB Macro library (Symphony)

MLI A file in 3D Studio's Material-Library format

MLID Muliple link interface driver file (Generic)

MLM Groupwise email file (Novell Groupwise)

MM Text file (MultiMate Advantage II)

MMC Catalog file (Microsoft Clip Gallery 5.x)

MMF Mail message file (Microsoft Mail)

MME A multipart file in the Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) format; often created as the result of sending e-mail with attachments in AOL. The files in a multipart MME file can be "opened" (unarchived and separated into individual files) using Winzip or a similar program.

MMF Meal Master Format, a recipe catologing format

MMF Mail file (Microsoft)

MMG Beyond 20/20 table or aggregate data file

MML Bulk mail file (Created by MyMailList)

MMM Multimedia movie (Microsoft)

MMM Multimedia movie (MacroMind Director 3.x)

MMO Memo Writer file (RapidFile)

MMP MindManager file (MindMapor)

MMP Output video (Bravado)

MN2 Mission file (Descent2)

MN3 Mission file (Descent3)

MND Menu source (AutoCAD Menu Compiler)

MND, MNI Mandelbrot for Windows

MNG Map (DeLorme Map'n'Go)

MNG Multi-image Network Graphics

MNT Menu file (Microsoft FoxPro)

MNU Menu file (Visual dBase)

MNU Advanced macro (HP NewWave)

MNU Interact menu (Intertal Systems)

MNU Menu (AutoCAD Menu Compiler)

MNU Menu (Norton Commander)

MNX Menu (Microsoft FoxPro)

MNX Compiled menu (AutoCAD)

MNY Account book (Microsoft Money)

MOB Device definition (PEN for Windows)

MOD FastTracker, StarTrekker, Noise Tracker (etc.) music module file

MOD Spreadsheet (Microsoft Multiplan)

MOD Modula-2 source code file (Clarion Modula-2)

MOD Kernel module (Microsoft Windows 9.x)

MOD Amiga/PC tracker module

MON Monitor description (ReadMail)

MOV Movie (QuickTime for Microsoft Windows)

MOV Movie (AutoCAD/AutoFlix)

MOZ Zipped (Compressed) mod file

MP2 MPEG Audio Layer 2

MP3 MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3)

MPA MPEG-related file (MIME type 'mpeg')

MPC Calendar file (Microsoft Project)

MPD Database file (Microsoft Project)

MPE MPEG animation

MPEG MPEG animation

MPG MPEG animation

MPM Mathplan Macro library (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

MPP Project file (Microsoft Project)

MPP Drawing file (CAD)

MPR Menus (compiled) (Microsoft FoxPro)

MPT Bitmap graphics (Multipage TIFF)

MPV View file (Microsoft Project)

MPX Compiled menu program (Microsoft FoxPro)

MPX Exchange file (Microsoft Project) used for exporting data

MP2 MPEG Audio Layer 2 file (MIME video file)

MP3 MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3) file

MRB Multiple resolution bitmap graphics (Microsoft C/C++)


MRS Macro resource file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

MSA Archive (Magic Shadow)

MSC Makefile (Microsoft C)

MSC Common console document (Microsoft Windows 2000)

MSD Diagnostics report file (Microsoft MSD) (Diagnostics)

MSDL Scene Description Language (Manchester)

MSG Mail message (Microsoft)

MSI Installer package (Microsoft Windows)

MSN Network document (Microsoft)

MSN Mission File (Descent)

MSP Paint bitmap (Microsoft)

MSP Windows Installer patch file

MSS Manuscript text file (Perfect Writer)

MSS Manuscript text file (Scribble)

MSS Manuscript text file (MINCE)

MSS Manuscript text file (Jove)

MST Windows Installer transform

MST Minispecification file (Prosa)

MST Setup script (Microsoft SDK)

MSW Text file (Microsoft Word)

MSX Compressed CP/M archive (MSX)

MTH Math file (Derive)

MTM Music module (MOD) (Multitracker)

MTW Datafile (Minitab)

MTX Twain device driver (32 bit)(UMax)

MU Menu (Quattro Pro)

MUL Online game called Ultima online

MUS Music (Generic)

MUS Interactive music audio data file (Electronic Arts)

MUS Music (MusicTime)

MUS10 Audio (Mus10)

MV Server-side script file (Miva)

MVA Video accelerator file (Matrox)

MVB Multimedia Viewer file (Microsoft)

MVC Image file (Sony Digital Mavica)

MVE Interplay video file (Descent2, Fallout2)

MVF Stop frame file (AutoCAD-AutoFlix)

MVI Movie command file (AutoCAD-AutoFlix)

MVW Log file (Saber LAN)

MWF Animation (ProMotion)

MWP Smartmaster file (Lotus WordPro 97)

MXD Map file (ArcInfo)

MXT Datafile (Microsoft C)

MYP Presentation file (Make Your Point)

NAN Nanoscope files (Raw Grayscale)

NAP Metafile (NAP)

NAP Video file (EnerGraphics)

NB Text file (Nota Bene)

NC Instructions for numerical control machine (CAMS)

NCB Developer Studio file (Microsoft)

NCC CNC (Computer Numeric Control) file (CamView 3D)

NCD Change directory (Norton)

NCF Command File (Netware)

NCF Internal clipboard (Lotus Notes)

NDB Network database (Intellicom)

NDO 3D low-polygon modeler (Nendo)

NDX Index file (dBase II-III-IV)

NDX Database file (1ACT! for Microsoft Windows)

NDX Index file (Cindex)

NEO Raster graphics (Atari Neochrome)

NES Emulator ROMS for game console (Nintendo)

NET Network configuration file

NET Netlist output file (Orcad Schematic Capture)

netCDF Network Common Data Form

NEW New info

NEZ Emulator file used for game consoles (NES)

NFF Neutral File Format

NFO Info file database text

NFO Infobase file (Folio)

NFT Template file (Netobject Fusion)

NG Online documentation database (Norton Guide)

NIL Icon Library file (EasyIcons-compatible) (Norton)

NIST Audio (NIST Sphere)

NLB Data (Oracle 7)

NLM Loadable Module (Netware)

NLS National Language Support file used for localization (for example, by Uniscape)

NLU E-Mail Trigger file (Norton LiveUpdate)

NLX Form (FormWorx 3.0)

NOD File (Netobject Fusion)

NP Project schedule (Nokia Planner)

NP Project schedule (Visual Planner 3.x)

NPI Source for interpreter (dBase Application Generator)

NRF Data file (NICOLET)

NRG Image file (Nero)

NSF Database (Lotus Notes)

NSO Document file (NetObject Fusion)

NST Music module (MOD) (Noise Tracker)

NS2 Database (Lotus Notes version 2)

NS3 Database (Lotus Notes version 3)

NS4 Database (Lotus Notes version 4)

NT Startup files (Microsoft Windows NT)

NTF Database template (Lotus Notes)

NTR Executable ASCII text file

NTS Tutorial (Norton)

NTS Executable ASCII text file

NTX Index file (CA-Clipper)

NUF Message for new users (1st call) (Procomm Plus)

NWC Song file (Noteworthy Composer)

NWS News message (MIME RFC822) (Microsoft Outlook Express)

NXT Sound file (NeXT)

O Object file (Unix)

O Object file (Atari)

O Object file (GCC)

OAS Word processor document (Fujitsu OAS)(Japanese)

OAZ Fax (NetFax Manager)

OB Object cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)

OBD Binder template (Microsoft Office)

OBD Binder (Microsoft Office)

OBJ Object file

OBR Object browser data file (Borland C++)

OBS Script (ObjectScript)

OBV Visual interface (ObjectScript)

OBZ Binder Wizard (Microsoft Office)

OCF Object craft file (Object Craft)

OCR Transcribed fax-to-text file (FAXGrabber)

OLE Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) custom control (Microsoft)

ODL Type library source (Visual C++)

ODS Mailbox file (Microsoft Outlook Express)

OFD Form definition (ObjectView)

OFF Object File (3D Mesh)

OFN FileNew file (Microsoft Office)

OFT Template (Microsoft Outlook)

OKR Feldeinteilung module file (3-D Fassade Plus)

OKT Music module (MOD) (Oktalyzer)

OLB Object Library (OLE) (Microsoft)

OLB Object library (VAX)

OLD Backup file (Generic)

OLE OLE object

OLI Text file (Olivetti)

OO1 Voice file (Typhoon)

OOGL Object Oriented Graphics Library

OOM Swap file (Shroom)

OPJ Project file (Orcad Schematic Capture)

OPL Organiser Programming Language source file (Psion/Symbian)

OPN Active options (Exact)

OPO Output executable file (OPL)

OPT Developer Studio file (Microsoft)

OPT Optimize support file (QEMM)

OPW Organization chart (Org Plus for Windows)

OPX Extension DLL (OPL)

OPX Inactive options (Exact)

ORA Parameter file (Oracle)

ORC Script (Oracle 7)

ORG Calendar file (Lotus Organizer)

OR2 Calendar file (Lotus Organizer 2)

OR3 Lotus Organizer 97 file

ORA Configuration file (Oracle 7)

OSS Search file (Microsoft Office)

OST Offline file (Microsoft Exchange/Outlook)

OTL Outline font description (Z-Soft Type Foundry)

OTL Template file (Super NoteTab) (Fookes)

OTL Template file (PrintMaster Gold)

OTX Text file (Olivetti Olitext Plus)

OUT Output file (Microsoft C)

OV Database file (Revelation-DOS)

OV1 Overlay file

OV2 Overlay file

OVD Datafile (ObjectVision)

OVL Overlay file

OVR Overlay file

OZ  Opera Zip file

O$$ Outfile (Sprint)

P Source code (Pascal)

P Application parameter file (ReaGeniX code generator)

P Picture file (APPLAUSE)

PA1 Worktable (PageAhead)

PAB Personal Address Book (Microsoft)

PAC Package file (Sound Blaster Studio II)

PAC Image (Stad)

PAD Keypad definition (Telemate)

PAK Compressed archive (PAK)

PAK WAD file (Quake)

PAL A compressed file (Generic)

PAL Color palette (Microsoft)

PAN Printer specific file (CorelDRAW)

PAQ Password encrypted zip file (Hewlett-Packard)

PAR Parts application (Digitalk PARTS)

PAR Parameter file (Fractint)

PAR Permanent output file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)

PAS Source code file (Borland Pascal)

PAT Hatch pattern file (DataCAD)

PAT Pattern file (CorelDRAW)

PAT Patch file (Advanced Gravis Ultrasound/Forte Technologies)

PAT exePatch utility used for Warcraft2 (WarHack)

PB Fax (FAXability Plus)

PB Phone book (WinFax Pro)

PB Setup file (PixBase)

PB1 Document (First Publisher for Windows)

PBA Source code file (Powerbasic BASIC) (Genus)

PBD Phone book (FaxNOW!-Faxit)

PBD Dynamic library, an alternative to a native DLL (PowerBuilder)

PBF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File

PBI Include file (PowerBasic) (Genus)

PBI Profiler binary input file (Microsoft Source Profiler)

PBK Microsoft Phonebook

PBL Library file used in a development environment (PowerBuilder)

PBL PowerBasic library (Genus)

PBM Portable bitmap graphic

PBM Planar bitmap graphic (XLib)

PBO Profiler binary output (Microsoft Source Profiler)

PBR Resource file (PowerBuilder)

PBT Profiler binary table (Microsoft Source Profiler)

PC Text file (IBM)

PC3 Custom palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)

PC8 Ascii text IBM8 character set (NewWave Write)

PCB Application data file (Microsoft Powerpoint)

PCC Cutout picture vector graphics (PC Paintbrush)

PCD Image (Kodak Photo-CD)

PCD P-Code compiled test scripts as in Microsoft Test and Microsoft Visual Test

PCE Maps Eudora mailbox names to DOS filenames

PCF Profiler command file (Microsoft Source Profiler)

PCH Patch file (Generic)

PCH Precompiled header file (Microsoft C/C++)

PCI PCI Miniport file (Microsoft Windows System file)

PCJ Multimedia authoring tool graphics (IBM Linkaway-Live)

PCK Pickfile (Turbo Pascal)

PCL Printer Control Language file (printer-ready bitmap) (Hewlett-Packard)

PCM Audio file

PCM PCM file (OKI MSM6376 Sythesizer Chip)

PCP Live Update Pro file (Symantec)

PCS Animation (PICS)

PCS Picture storage file (Microsoft)

PCT PICT drawing (Macintosh)

PCW Text file (PC Write)

PCX PC Paintbrush bitmap (ZSoft)

PDA Bitmap graphics

PDB Data file (TACT)

PDB Physical model backup file (PowerDesigner)

PDB Database file (3Com PalmPilot)

PDD Graphic image that can be opened with Paint Shop Pro and Adobe PhotoDeluxe

PDF Portable Document file (Adobe Acrobat) (displayable with a Web browser)

PDF Definition File

PDF Printer Definition File (Netware)

PDF Graphics file (ED-SCAN 24bit)

PDL Project description language file (Borland C/C++)

PDM Physical model file (PowerDesigner)

PDP Print Shop Deluxe file (Broderbund)

PDQ Flowcharting PDQ Lite file (Patton&Patton)

PDS Photographic image file (origin not yet identified)

PDS Hardware assembly source code file (Pldasm)

PDT Database file (ProCite)

PDV Printer driver (Paintbrush)

PDW Document (Professional Draw)

PDX Database index file (ProCite)

PE3 Image archive file (Ulead PhotoImpact)

PE3 Image archive file (QuickViewer)

PE4 Image archive file (Ulead PhotoImpact v.4.0)

PEB Program Editor bottom overflow file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows Library)

PED Program Editor delete save file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

PEM Program Editor macro (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows library)

PEQ Program Editor print queue file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

PER Program Editor resident area file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows Library)

PES Program Editor work space file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows Library)

PET Program Editor top overflow file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows Library)

PF Encrypted file (Alladin Systems)

PFA Type 3 font (ASCII)

PFB Type 1 font (binary)

PFC PF Component file

PFC Text file (First Choice)

PFC Personal filing cabinet file (AOL)

PFF Paraform file for 3D modeling (Scandata)

PFK Programmable function keys (XTreePro)

PFM Printer Font Metrics (Microsoft)

PFS Database text file (PFS:Write)

PFT Printer font (ChiWriter)

PG Page cut/paste file (IBM LinkWay)

PGI Printer graphics file device driver (PGRAPH Library)

PGL Plotter drawing (Hewlett-Packard)

PGM Portable Graymap (bitmap)

PGM Program file (Signature)

PGN Portable game notation file (ChessMaster and others)

PGP PGP encrypted file

PGS Manual page (man4dos)

PH Temporary file generated by Microsoft Help Compiler

PH Optimized .goh file (Geoworks)

PH Perl header file

PH Phrase-table (Microsoft C/C++)

PHN Phone list (UltraFax)

PHN Phone list (QmodemPro)

PHO Phone database (Metz Phone for Windows)

PHP HTML page that includes a PHP script

PHP3 HTML page that includes a PHP script

PHR Phrases (LocoScript)

PHTML HTML page that includes a PHP script

PHTML perl-parsed HTML

PI1 Low resolution picture file (Dages Elite)

PI2 Medium resolution picture file (Dages Elite)

PI3 High resolution picture file (Dages Elite)

PIC Bitmap (PC Paint)

PIC Pixar picture file (SDSC Image Tool)

PIC Picture file (Lotus)

PIC PICT drawing (Macintosh)

PIC 3D Image file (SoftImage)

PICT PICT image file (Macintosh)

PIF Program Information File

PIF PIF drawing (IBM)

PIF Vector graphics GDF file (IBM Mainframe)

PIF Compressed archive (Macintosh)

PIG WAD file (Lucas Arts Dark Forces

PIN Data file (Epic Pinball)

PIN Data file (Epic Pinball)

PIX Bitmap (Inset Systems)

PIX Alias image file (SDSC Image Tool)

PJ Project file (CA-SuperProject)

PJ Source Integrity file (MKS)

PJT Visual FoxPro memo file (Microsoft)

PJT Visual Foxpro Project (Microsoft)

PJX Visual FoxPro project file (Microsoft)

PK Packed bitmap font file (TeX DVI)

PKA Compressed file archive (PKARC)

PKG Developer Studio application extension (similar to a DLL file) (Microsoft)

PKG Installer script (NEXT)

PKR Public Keyring (PGP)

PKT Packet file (Fidonet)

PL Interleaf printerleaf (or WorldView) format

PL Source code file (Perl)

PL Source code file (Prolog)

PL Property list font metric file (TeX)

PL Palette (Harvard Graphics)

PL1 Room plan (3D Home Architect)

PL3 Chart palette (Harvard Graphics 3.0)

PLB Library file (Microsoft FoxPro)

PLC Add-in file (Lotus 1-2-3)

PLG A format use by REND386/AVRIL

PLI Data description file (Oracle 7)

PLL Pre-linked library file (Clipper 5)

PLM Module (DisorderTracker2)

PLN Spreadsheet (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

PLR Pilot file (Descent 1-3)

PLS Sample file (DisorderTracker2)

PLS MPEG PLayList file (used by WinAmp)

PLT Drawing (HPGL Plotter)

PLT Plot drawing (AutoCAD)

PLT Palette (Generic)

PLT Pre-linked transfer file (Clipper 5)

PLT Sign-making software (Gerber Optical)

PLY Data file (PopMail)

PLY Presentation screen (Harvard Spotlight)

PM Bitmap graphics (Presentation Manager)

PM Module (Perl)

PM3 Document (PageMaker 3.0)

PM4 Document (PageMaker 4.0)

PM5 Document (PageMaker 5.0)

PM6 Document (PageMaker 6.0)

PMC Graphics (A4TECH Scanner)

PMM Program file (Amaris BTX/2)

PN3 Printer device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)

PNG Bitmap (Portable Network Graphics)

PNG Browser catalogue (Paint Shop Pro)

PNG Bitmap file (MacroMedia FireWorks)

PNM Portable aNY Map graphics (PBM)

PNT Graphic file (MacPaint)

PNT QWK reader pointer file (MarkMail 2.x)

PNT Pen Table plotting file (Pro/Engineer)

PNTG Same as PNT file

POG PIG file extension (Descent2)

POH Optimized .goh file (Geoworks)

POL Windows NT Policy file

POL 3D polygonal modeling file (Innovmetric)

POP Popup file (Visual dBase)

POP Message index (PopMail)

POT PowerPoint template (Microsoft)

POV Persistence of Vision file (Ray-Tracer)

POW Chord chart (PowerChords)

PP Compressed Amiga archive (POWERPACKER)

PP4 Bitmap (Picture Publisher 4)

PPA PowerPoint Add-in (Microsoft)

PPB Button bar for print preview (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

PPD PostScript Printer definition file specification (Adobe Acrobat v.4.0)

PPF Pinnacle Program File (Turtle Beach)

PPI Graphics file (Microsoft PowerPoint)

PPL PolaroidPalettePlus ColorKey device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)

PPM Portable Pixelmap bitmap

PPO Pre-processed output file (Clipper 5)

PPP Document or finished project (Parson Power Publisher)

PPP Desktop publishing default output file (Serif PagePlus)

PPS PowerPoint slide show (Microsoft)

PPS Storyboard (Personal Producer)

PPT PowerPoint presentation (Microsoft)

PQB Master boot backup file (PowerQuest BootMagic)

PQI Drive image file (PowerQuest)

PR2 Presentation (Aldus Persuasion 2.x)

PR2 Printer driver (dBase IV)

PR3 Postscript printer driver (dBase IV)

PR3 Presentation (Aldus Persuasion 3.x)

PRC Resource (text or program) file (3com PalmPilot)

PRD Printer driver (Generic)

PRE Presentation (Lotus Freelance)

PRE Settings (Programmer's WorkBench)

PRE Settings (Microsoft C/C++)

PRF System file (Microsoft Windows)

PRF Settings file (Macromedia Director)

PRF Pixel Run Format graphics (Improces-Fastgraph)

PRF Printer driver (dBase IV)

PRF Output file (Profiler)

PRG Program source files (dBase IV, Clipper 5, and Microsoft FoxPro)

PRG Program source files (Atari)

PRG Program file (WAVmaker)

PRI Printer definitions (LocoScript)

PRJ Project file (3D Studio) (DOS)

PRM Parameter file (Generic)

PRN Print Table (space delimited text)

PRN Windows Printer file (DataCAD)

PRN Printer driver (Signature)

PRN Text file (Lotus 1-2-3-Symphony)

PRO Source code file (Prolog)

PRO Configuration file (Pro/Engineer)

PRO Graphics profile file (DOS)

PRO Project file (Terramodel)

PRP Data conversion saved project file (Oberon Prospero)

PRS Presentation file (Harvard Graphics for Windows)

PRS Printer resource font file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

PRS Procedure file (dBase IV)

PRT A print-formatted file

PRT Printer driver (Dr. Halo)

PRT Part file (Pro/Engineer)

PRT Part file (CADkey)

PRV Internet provider template file (psiMail)

PRX Compiled program (Microsoft FoxPro)

PRZ Graphics file (Lotus Freelance 97)

PS Postscript-formatted file (a Postscript printer-ready file)

PSB Sound Bank file (Pinnacle)

PSD Bitmap (Adobe Photoshop)

PSE Bitmap graphics (IBM printer Page SEgment)

PSF Outline PostScript printer font (ChiWriter)

PSI A-law audio file (psion)

PSM Studio module (ProTracker)

PSM Sound data file (Epic Pinball)

PSM Symbol table of IDE (Turbo Pascal)

PSP Image file (PaintShop Pro)

PSP Procedure (Prodea Synergy)

PSR Report file (PowerSoft)

PST Personal Folder File (Microsoft Outlook)

PT3 Device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)

PT3 Template (PageMaker 3.0)

PT4 Template (PageMaker 4.0)

PTB Script file (PubTech BatchWorks)

PTB Table file (Pro/Engineer)

PTD Table file (Pro/ENGINEER)

PTL Petal file (ASCII version of Microsoft Visual Modeler)

PTM Macro (PubTech BatchWorks)

PTM Music module (MOD) (Polytracker)

PTR QWK reader pointer file (QMail)

PUB Publication (Ventura Publisher)

PUB Document (Microsoft Publisher)

PUB Public key ring file (PGP)

PUD Map file (WarCraftII)

PUT Compressed archive (PUT)

PVD Script file (Instalit)

PVL Library file (Instalit)

PVT Local pointlist (Fidonet)

PW Text file (Professional Write)

PWD Word document (Microsoft Pocket)

PWL Password list file (Microsoft Windows 9.x)

PWP Image file (a roll of film viewed using Photoworks)

PWP Text document (Professional WritePlus)

PWZ PowerPoint wizard (Microsoft)

PX Primary database index (Paradox)

PXL Pocket Excel spreadsheet (Microsoft)

PY Saved emessages (YAHOO)

PY python Script file

PYC python Compiled script file

PZD Default settings (Pizazz Plus)

PZO Overlay file (Pizazz Plus)

PZP Palette (Pizazz Plus)

PZS Settings (Pizazz Plus)

PZT Transfer file (Pizazz Plus)

PZX Swap file (Pizazz Plus)

P3 Project Planner file (Primavera)

P10 Plot 10 drawing (Tektronics)

P16 16 Channel Music file (ProTracker 16)

P22 Patch file (Patch 22)

P65 Document file (PageMaker 6.0)

P7C Digital ID file (MIME)

QAD Document (PF QuickArt)

QAG Quick Access Group data file (Norton Desktop)

QAP Application file (Omnis Quartz)

QBE Saved query (dBase IV)

QBE Saved Query (Quattro Pro)

QBO Compiled query (dBase IV)

QBS Program file (Microsoft QuickBasic)

QBW Spreadsheet data (QuickBooks for Windows)

QCP Voice file (Qualcomm Pure Voice)

QD0 Data file-segment 10 (Omnis Quartz)

QD1 Data file segment 1 (Omnis Quartz)

QD2 Data file segment 2 (Omnis Quartz)

QD3 Data file segment 3 (Omnis Quartz)

QD3D QuickDraw 3D Metafile (Apple)

QD4 Data file segment 4 (Omnis Quartz)

QD5 Data file segment 5 (Omnis Quartz)

QD6 Data file segment 6 (Omnis Quartz)

QD7 Data file segmnet 7 (Omnis Quartz)

QD8 Data file segment 8 (Omnis Quartz)

QD9 Data file segment 9 (Omnis Quartz)

QDF Data file (Quicken)

QDK Backup of startup files (QEMM)

QDT Data file from the Quicken UK Accountancy/Tax/Invoice program (QuickBooks)

QDV Graphics file (Steve Blackstock Giffer)

QEF Query file (Microsoft Excel)

QEL Electronic library file (Quicken)


QFX Fax (QuickLink)

QIC Backup file (Microsoft)

QIF Image (MIME)(QuickTime)

QIF Import file (Quicken)

QLB Library file (Quick)

QLB Library file (Microsoft C/C++)

QLC Data (PostScript help file)

QLP Printer driver (QuickLink)

QM Motion file (Quality)

QM4 Option or services file (QMail 4.x Mail Door)

QPR Generated query program (Microsoft FoxPro)

QPR Print queue device driver (OS/2)

QPX Compiled query program (Microsoft FoxPro)

QQT Qardware definition file (Quick Qard Technology)

QRP Report builder file (Centura)

QRP Report file (Liberty for Windows 2.0)

QRS Equation Editor support file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

QRT QRT graphics file (Ray Tracer)

QRY Query (Microsoft)

QRY Query (dBase IV)

QSD Datafile (Quicken)

QST Tab file (Quake Spy)

QT Movie file (QuickTime)

QTI Image file (QuickTime)

QTIF Image file (QuickTime)

QTM Movie file (QuickTime)

QTP Preferences file (QuickTime)

QTS PICT image file (Macintosh)

QTS Image file (QuickTime)

QTX Image file (QuickTime)

QW Write program file (Symantec Q&A)

QWK Message file (QWK Reader)

QXD Data file (Quark Xpress)

QXL Element library (Quark Xpress)

QXT Template file (Quark Xpress)

R Ratfor file (FORTRAN Preprocessor)

R Resource file (Pegasus Mail)

RA Sound file (RealAudio)

RAD Radar data file (Radar ViewPoint)

RAM Metafile (RealAudio)

RAO ReadAllOver (YOUniverse)

RAR RAR compressed archive (Eugene Roshall's format)

RAS Bitmap (Sun Raster Images)

RAT Datafile (RATS)

RAW Raw File Format (bitmap)

RAW Raw signed PCM data

RAW Raw signed PCM data

RBF Datafile (Rbase)

RBH Maintained by RoboHELP, the RBH file adds to the information contained in the Help project file

RC Resource script (Micosoft C/C++)

RC Resource script (Borland C++)

RC Configuration file (emacs)

RCG Newsgroup file (Netscape)

RD1 Registered level file (Descent1)

RDF Resource Description Framework file (related to XML and metadata)

RDF Compiled UIC source code (Geoworks UI Compiler)

RDF Research document information format

RDI Device-independent bitmap file

RDL Registered Level file (Descent)

RDX Datafile (Reflex)

REC Datafile (EpiInfo)

REC Recorded macro (Microsoft Windows 3.x)

REC Voice file (RapidComm)

REC Record file (Sprint)

RED Path information file (Clarion Modula-2)

REF Reference file (Generic)

REG Registration file

REG Registration file (Corel)

REG OLE registration file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)

REM Remarks file (Generic)

REP Reply file (QWK Reader)

REP Report file (Visual dBase)

REP Report file (Report Designer)

REP Report file (DataBoss)

REP Report file (CodeReporter)

REQ Request file (Generic)

RES Resource file (Microsoft Visual C++)

RES Compiled resource file (Borland C++)

RES Resource file (dBase IV)

REV Revision file (GeoWorks)

REX Source code file (REXX)

REX Report definition (Oracle)

REZ Resource file (Generic)

RF Raster graphics file (Sun)

RFT Revisable Form Text (part of IBM's DCA or Document Content Architecture)

RGB, SGI RGB files (Silicon Graphics)

RGX Symbol tables (ReaGeniX code generator)

RH Resource header file (Borland C++ 4.5)

RI Data file (Lotus 1-2-3)

RIB Graphics in Renderman format (3DReality)

RIC Fax document (Ricoh)

RIF RIFF bitmap graphics (Fractal Design Painter)

RIF Image file (Metacreations Painter 5)

RIP Graphics (remote access)

RIX Bitmap graphics (ColorRIX VGA Paint)

RL1 Regestered level file (Descent1)

RL2 Registered level file (Descent2)

RL4 Bitmap graphics file

RL8 Bitmap graphics file

RLA Wavefront raster image (SDSC Image Tool)

RLB Data file (Harvard Graphics Win 9.x)

RLC Graphics file (1 bit per pixel scanner output file)

RLE Run-Length Encoded bitmap (SDSC Image Tool)

RLZ Realizer source code file (CA-Realizer)

RM Video file (RealAudio)

RMD Document (Microsoft RegMaid)

RMF Rich Map Format (used by 3-D game editors to store a map)

RMF Rich music format (Beatnik)

RMI MIDI music

RMK Makefile (Clipper RMake)

RN Xpl Program file (Nota Bene)

RND Rendering slide (AutoCAD-AutoShade)

RNO Runoff file (VAX)

ROL FM music Adlib Music file (Roland)

ROM Cartridge-based home video game emulator file (exact copy of ROM contents in cartridges from Atari 2600, Colecovision, Sega, Nintendo, etc.; not interchangeable between emulators)

ROV Data file (Rescue Rover)

RPD Database (RapidFire)

RPL Text document (Replica)

RPL Video file (Tomb Raider)

RPM Package Manager (RedHat Linux)

RPT Crystal Reports file ( and a sub-set of Microsoft Visual Basic)

RRS Saved game file (Ace Road Rash)

RS Datafile (Amiga Resource Reassembler)

RSB Red Storm bitmap (Rainbow 6 (Game) and several image editing programs)

RSC Resource file (Generic)

RSL Paradox 7 reports (Broderland)

RSM Resume file (WinWay Resume Writer)

RSP Response file (Generic)

RS_ Resourse fork file (Macintosh Mac-ette)

RTF Rich Text Format document

RTF Help file script (Microsoft Windows 9.x)

RTL Run Time library (NU 7.0)

RTM Music module (MOD) (Real Tracker)

RTK Used by RoboHELP to simulate the search feature of Windows help

RTL Text file (Generic)

RTP Software update package data file (RTpatch)

RTS RTSL document (RealAudio)

RTS Runtime library file (CA-Realizer)

RTS RoboHELP to speed complex operations

RUL Extension used in InstallShield

RUN Compiled output p-code file (Softworks basic compiler) (SoftworksLtd)

RVP Scan Configuration file (MIME) (Microsoft)

RVW Review file (Generic)

RWS Resource Workshop data file (Borland C++)

RWX Script file (RenderWare)

RXX RAR compressed files from a multi-volume archive (xx = a number from 01 to 99)

R8 Raw graphics (One byte per pixel) plane one (PicLab)

R8P Pcl 4 bitmap font (Intellifont)

S Assembler source code (Unix)

S Source code file (Scheme)

SAI Encrypted video file (Integrated Sensors)

SAL Datafile (SORITEC)

SAM Document (AMI Professional)

SAM Signed 8bit sample data file

SAR Compressed archive (SAR)

SAV Saved game file (Generic)

SAV Backup file (Generic)

SAV Configuration file (Generic)

SB Raw Signed Byte (8bit) audio data

SBD Storyboard data file (Storyboard Editor)

SBD Data definition file (Superbase)

SBF File data (Superbase)

SBI Instrument file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster)

SBK Bank file (Soundblaster)/EMU SoundFont v1.x (Creative Labs Soundfont 1.0)

SBL Flash object (ShockWave)

SBP Dml program file (Superbase 4)

SBP Program file (Superbase)

SBQ Query definition file (Superbase)

SBR Support file (Source Browser)

SBT Notes related to record data (Superbase 4 for Windows)

SBV Form definition file (Superbase)

SB! Locking file (Superbase)

SC Pal script (Paradox)

SC Display driver (Framework II)

SC2 Schedule+ 7.0 file (Microsoft)

SC2 SAS catalog (Windows 95/NT, OS/2, Mac)

SC3 Saved game file (SIMM City 3000)

SC3 Renamed dBase III screen mask file (dBase IV)

SC3 Screen device driver (Harvard Graphics 3.0)

SC4 Level file (Roller Coaster Tycoon)

SCA Datafile (SCA)

SCC Source Safe file (Microsoft)

SCC Text file (Generic)

SCD Slide image (Matrix/Imapro SCODL)

SCD Object description language graphics (Scodl Scan Conversion)

SCD Datafile (Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0)

SCF Command file (Microsoft Windows Explorer)

SCF Multimedia show (ScoreMaker)

SCF Spell checker configuration file (Symphony)

SCH Datafile (Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0)

SCH Schematics file (ORCAD)

SCI Inspire native format (ScanVec)

SCI System configuration information file (Generic)

SCI Fax document (SciFAX)

SCM Scheme source code file (Generic)

SCM Video game console ROM emulater file

SCN Scene data file (TrueSpace2)

SCN Screen file (Kermit)

SCO High score file (Generic game file)

SCP Dial-Up Networking Script

SCP Script file (BITCOM)

SCR Screensaver file (Microsoft Windows 9.x)

SCR Fax image (Generic)

SCR Debug source code (DOS Debug)

SCR Screen snapshot file (dBase IV)

SCR Screen snapshot file (Procomm Plus)

SCR Screen font file (LocoScript)

SCT SAS catalog (Dos)

SCT CT bitmap (Scitex)

SCT FoxPro forms (Microsoft)

SCT01 SAS catalog (Unix)

SCV CASmate Native format (ScanVec)

SCX FoxPro forms (Microsoft)

SCX Bitmap graphics (ColorRIX)

SCX Chart (Stanford Chart)

SCX Screen file (Microsoft FoxPro)

SCY Security file (ReaGeniX)

SD Audio (Sound Designer I)

SD2 Flattened file/data fork (Sound Designer II)

SD2 SAS database (Windows 95/NT OS/2, Mac)

SDA File archive description (Fidonet Software Distribution Network)

SDC Spreadsheet (Staroffice)(StarCalc)

SDD Presentation file (Staroffice)(Starimpress)

SDF System Data File Format - legacy Unisys (Sperry) format

SDI Software distribution network information file

SDK Floppy disk image (Roland)

SDL Library file (SmartDraw)

SDN Software distribution network compressed archive

SDP Datafile (Cocreate SolidDesigner)

SDPC Datafile (Cocreate SolidDesigner)

SDR Drawing (SmartDraw)

SDS Raw Midi Sample Dump Standard file

SDT Template (SmartDraw)

SDV Semicolon Divided Values file

SDW Graphic file (Lotus WordPro)

SDW Raw Signed DWord (32bit) data

SDX Midi Sample Dump Standard files compacted by SDX

SEA Self-expanding archive (used by Stuffit for Mac files and possibly by others)

SEC Secret key ring file (PGP)

SEC Secured animation file (Disney Animation Studio)

SED Screen editor script files (SED)

SEL Data file (Copy Books)

SEP Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) bitmap

SEP Printer seperator page (Generic)

SEQ Animation file (Atari)

SEQ Sequential instruction file (Bubble Chamber)

SES Session file (Cool Edit) (common digital audio editor file )

SES Session information file (Clarion Modula-2)

SESSION Internet Security Scanner file (ISS)

SET Configuration file (1st Reader)

SET Install driver sets (Symphony)

SET Setup option file (Generic)

SET Voice set files (Quartet)

SEW Sewing program file (Generic)

SF SoundFile format (IrCam)

SF Wps attribute storage file (OS/2 WorkPlace Shell)

SF2 SoundFont file (EMU version 2.0)

SF2 Bank file (Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0)(Soundblaster)

SFD Sound File Data (SoundStage)

SFI Sound File Info (SoundStage)

SFI Graphics file (SIS Framegrabber)

SFI Printer font file (Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet Landscape)

SFI Printer font file (Ventura Publisher)

SFK Sound file (Sonic Foundry)

SFL Pcl 4 bitmap font (LandScape)

SFL Pcl 4 bitmap font (Ventura Publisher)

SFL Pcl 4 bitmap font (Intellifont)

SFN Font file (SPX)

SFP Pcl bitmap font (Portrait)

SFP Pcl bitmap font (Intellifont)

SFP Pcl bitmap font (Ventura Publisher)

SFR Sample Resource (Sonic Foundry)

SFS Pcl 5 scalable font file (Intellifont)

SFT Screen font (ChiWriter)

SFW Mangled JPEG (Seattle Filmworks)

SFX Self-extracting archive (RAR)

SG Image file (SnapGraphix)

SG1 Graphics file (Stanford Graphics)

SGF Document w/graphics (StarWriter)

SGF Graphics file (Sonique)

SGI Graphics file (IRIS)

SGI Graphics file (Silicon Graphics)

SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language

SGP Statistics file (STATGRAPHICS Plus)

SGT Save/Get keyboard macro (Signature)

SH Shell script (Unix)

SH ASCii archive (Unix/SHAR)

SH3 Presentaion file (Harvard Graphics)

SHB Presentation (Corel Show)

SHB Document shortcut file

SHG Bitmap (HotSpot)

SHK Compressed Apple archive (SHRINKIT)

SHK Compressed archive (Arthurian Shrink Archiver)

SHM Shell macro (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows Library)

SHN Audio compression file (Shorten)

SHP DOS shapes file (3D Studios)

SHP File format used by some programs for 3D modeling of multipart interactive triangle models

SHP Shapefile spatial data format (used by many GIS programs)

SHP Source code and shape file for text fonts (AutoCAD)

SHR File archive (Unix ASCii) (SHAR)

SHS Shell scrap file; reportedly used to send "password stealers"

SHTML HTML file containing Server Side Includes (SSI)

SHW Presentation (Corel Show)

SHW Presentation (Harvard Graphics 2.0)

SHW Slide Show (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

SHX Shape entities (AutoCAD)

SHX Shapefile spatial index file (ArcView)

SIF Setup installation files (Microsoft Windows NT)

SIG Signature file (PopMail)

SIG Current program settings (Signature)

SIK Backup files (Microsoft Word for Windows)

SIK Backup files (Sicherungskopie)

SIT Compressed archive of Mac files (Stuffit)

SIZ Configuration file (Oracle 7)

SKA Secret Keyring file (PGP)

SKF Drawing file (AutoSketch)

SKL Resource file (Macromedia Director)

SL Save Layout extension (PACT)

SL Source code file (S-Lang)

SLB Slide Library File (AutoCAD)

SLC Compiled SALT script (Telix)

SLD Slide File (AutoCAD)

SLI Slide file (MAGICorp Slide Service)

SLK Symbolic link spreadsheet (SLYK)

SLL Sound data file (Generic)

SLT Script application language (SALT) (Telix script source)

SM Source code file (Smalltalk)

SM Maillist (SoftSpoken Mailer)

SM Script file (ScriptMaker)

SM Text file (Samna Word)

SM3 Symbol file (DataCAD)

SMD Video game console ROM emulator file

SMF Fax document (SMARTFAX)

SMK Image file (Deer's Revenge)

SMK Image file (Smack Player)

SMK Image file (Nascar Racing '99)

SMM Macro (AMI Pro)

SMP Samplevision format

SMP Sample file (AdLib Gold)

SMS Emulator ROM image file (8-bit Sega Master System)

SMT Text file (Smart Ware II)

SMT SmartObject file (IconAuthor)

SND Sound file (NeXt)

SND Sound resource (Macintosh)

SND Raw unsigned PCM data


SNDR Sound file (Sounder)

SNDT Sound file (SndTool)

SNG Midi song file (Midisoft Studio)

SNG Midi song file (Prism)

SNM Mailbox (mail folder) index (Netscape)

SNO Source code file (Snobol4)

SNP Output video file (Computer Eyes)

SO Shared library file (Unix)(equivalent to a Windows DLL)

SOL Solution file (Common used with game examples,tutorials)

SOM Network serial numbers (Quattro Pro)

SOM Sort information files (Paradox)

SON Song file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio II)

SOU Sound file (Creative Labs SoundBlaster Studio)

SP Compressed archive for Unix (Sprint)

SP4 Saved game (Roller Coaster Tycoon)

SPC Program file (Microsoft MultiPlan)

SPC Temporary file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

SPD Data file (Speech)

SPD Scalable font (Speedo)

SPD Scalable font (Harvard Graphics 3.0)

SPF Slide presentation file (EnerGraphics)

SPG Glossary file (Sprint)

SPI Graphics file (Siemens Scanner)

SPI Graphics file (Phillips Scanner)

SPL Object file (ShockWave Flash)

SPL Sample file (DigiTracker)

SPL Compressed archive (SPLINT)

SPL Customized printer driver (Sprint)

SPL Personal spell dictionary (Signature)

SPL Printer spool file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)

SPL Sample file (Generic)

SPM Data file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

SPP Printer file (Sprint)

SPPACK Sound sample (SP Pack)

SPR Document letter (Sprint)

SPR Generated screen program (Microsoft FoxPro)

SPR Sprite (Image layering and resizing)

SPRITE Bitmap file (Acorn)

SPS Spssx source code file (VAX/VMS)

SPS Screen driver (Sprint)

SPT Source code file (Spitbol)

SPT Support file (MITAC disk/system management utility package)

SPU Picture file (Spectrum 512)

SPW Worksheet (SigmaPlot)

SPX Compiled screen program (Microsoft FoxPro)

SQC Structured Query Language (SQL) common code file

SQL SQL queries (Informix)

SQL Generally used by database products as an extension for SQL queries (scripts, text, or binary)

SQP Query result of audio search (Sonique)

SQR Structured Query Language (SQL) program file

SQZ Compressed archive (SQUEEZE)

SRE Undefined file (Motorola)

SRF Raster graphics file (Sun)

SRM Video game console ROM emulator file

SRP SCript file (QuickLink)

SRZ Source file (DataFlex)

SS Bitmap graphics (Splash)

SSA Video file (Sub Station Alpha)

SSD Datafile (SAS/PC)

SSD01 SAS data sets (Unix)

SSD SAS database (Dos)

SSF Spreadsheet file (Enable)

SSP Datafile (SAS Transport)

ST Source code file (Little SmallTalk)

ST Instrument library (Scream Tracker)

ST Disk Image file (Atari)

ST Stamp file (NeoPaint)

STA Saved state (Reflection 4.0)

STA Stack file (SpinMaker Plus)

STB Stub library (Genus GX Kernel)

STD State transition diagram graphic file (Prosa)

STD Standard script file (LocoScript)

STF Compressed archive (SHRINKTOFIT)

STL Stereolithography file

STM Shorter suffix for .shtml, an HTML file containing a server side include (SSI)

STM Music module (MOD) (Scream Tracker 2)

STM State transition diagram model file (Prosa)

STM Music file (Scream Tracker)

STO Pascal stub OBJ file (Genus GX Kernel)

STQ Text file (Statistica) (StatSoft Software)

STR Screensaver file

STR Structure list OBJ file (dBase IV Application Generator)

STS Project status information file (Microsoft C/C++)

STS Song file (Music) (Scream Tracker)

STY Style sheet (Ventura Publisher)

STW Data file (SmartTerm for Windows)

STX Electronic book file (SmarText)

STX Tax form (CA-Simply Tax)

STY Style sheet (Generic text and graphics programs0

SUI Suit library (Simple User Interface Toolkit)

SUM Summary file (Generic)

SUN Rasterfile graphics (Sun)

SUP Supplementary dictionary files (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

SVD Autosave file for document (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

SVF Simple Vector Format 2D image (Microstation)

SVG Autosave file for glossary (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

SVG Scalable vector graphics file (Adobe)

SVP Graphics file (Sonique)

SVS Autosave file for style sheet (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

SVX Sound file (Amiga 8SVX)

SVX Interchange file format, 8SVX/16SV

SVY Database file (SAVVY/PC)

SW Raw signed Word (16bit) data

SWA Shockwave audio file in Macromedia Director (an MP3 file)

SWF Object (ShockWave Flash)

SWG Swag Packet file (SWAG Reader)

SWP Swap file (DataCAD)

SWP Document backup file (Sprint)

SWP Swap file (DOS)

SY1 Smartpix symbol library (Ami Pro)

SY3 Symbol file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)

SYD Backup of startup files (QEMM)

SYM Precompiled header file (Borland C++)

SYM Program symbol table (Generic to compilers)

SYM Symbol file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)

SYN SDSC Synu image file (SDSC Image Tool)

SYN Synonym file (Microsoft Word 5.0)

SYS System file (Generic)

SYS Datafile (SYGRAPH)

SYS Datafile (SYSTAT)

SYS Datafile (SPSS/PC)

SYS System file Device driver or hardware configuration file

SYW Wave file (Yamaha SV-series)

SYW Graphics symbols (Harvard Graphics)

S3I Instrument file (Scream Tracker v 3.0)

S3M 16 channel music file (Scream Tracker v 3.0)

S$$ Temporary sort file (Sprint)

Source file (TADS)

T Tape archive (TAR) (Without compression)

T Tester symbol file (ReaGeniX code generator)

TAB Table file (MapInfo GIS)

TAB Guitar Tablature file

TAG Query tag name file (DataFlex)

TAH Turbo assembler help file (Borland C++)

TAL Text illustration file (TypeAlign)

TAR Tape Archive

TAR Compressed archive (TAR)

TAZ Gzip/Tape archive (Unix)

TAZ Compressed ASCII archive (TAR)

TAZ Compressed ASCII archive (COMPRESS)

TB1 Font file (Borland Turbo C)

TB2 Font file (Borland Turbo C)

TBF Fax document (Imavox TurboFax)

TBK Interactive multimedia files (Asymetrix Toolbook)

TBK Memo backup file (dBase IV)

TBK Memo backup file (Microsoft FoxPro)

TBK Toolbook file (Asymetrix Toolbook)

TBL Graphics (Native format) (Pagemaker TableEditor)

TBL Table of values (OS/2)

TBS Text elements (Microsoft Word for Windows)

TBX Table (Project Scheduler 4)

TC Configuration file (Turbo C)

TC Configuration file (Borland C++)

TCH Turbo C Help file (Borland C++)

TCL Script in the TCL/TK Language

TCW Drawing file (TurboCAD for Windows)

TD Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for DOS)

TD0 Disk image file (Teledisk)

TD2 Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for WIN32)

TD4 Saved track design (Roller Coaster Tycoon)

TDB Database file (Thumbs Plus)

TDB Database file (TACT)

TDDD A file format use by the Imagine & Turbo Silver ray-tracers

TDF Font file (TheDraw)

TDF Typeface definition file (Speedo)

TDH Help file (Turbo Debugger0

TDK Keystroke recording file (Turbo Debugger)

TDS Symbol table (Turbo Debugger)

TDW Configuration file (Turbo Debugger for Windows)

TEF Fax document (Relisys TEFAX)

TEL Hostfile (Telnet)

TEM Turbo Editor Macro Language script (Borland C++)

TEM Input template (IconAuthor)

TEX Texture file

TEX TEX text file (Scientific Word)

TEX Datasheet file (Idealist)

TF Configuration file (Turbo Profiler)

TFA Area file (Turbo Profiler)

TFC Catalogue file (Tobi's Floppy Disk Cataloguer)

TFH Help file (Turbo Profiler)

TFM Form file (Form Tool Gold)

TFM TeX font metrics file (TeX)

TFM Tagged font metric file (TeX)

TFS Statistics file (Turbo Profiler)

TG1 Project file (On Target)

TGA Targa bitmap (Adobe Acrobat,TrueVision)

TGA Targa bitmap (Countour Mortgage Loan Format)

TGA Winpoint Loan file (Microsoft Excel)

TGQ Movie file (Dungeon Keeper 2) (Bullfrog Software)

TGV Video file (Electronic Arts) (Need for Speed I/II/III, NBA '96)

TGZ Gzip/Tape archive (Unix)

THEME Desktop theme (Microsoft Windows 9.x)

THM Thumbnail image file (Microsoft Clip Gallery v.1.x)

THN Thumbnail (Graphics Workshop for Windows)

THS Thesaurus dictionary (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TIF Tag image bitmap file (TIFF)

TIFF Tag image bitmap file (TIFF)

TIG Map file (Tiger) (Used by the US Government to distribute Map files)

TIL Fuzzy Logic knowledge base file (Togai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Compiler)

TIM Texture/Image file (Playstation)

TIS Tile set (MahJongg 3.0)

TJF backup files (VAXTPU Editor)

TLB OLE type library files (Microsoft)

TLB Reference table (Bubble Editor)

TLB Text library (VAX)

TLB Type library (Visual C++)

TLC Compiled tool command language source code file (Swat)

TLE Two-Line element set (NASA)

TLP Project timeline file (Microsoft Project)

TLX Data file (Trellix)

TMF Tagged font metric file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TMO Ztg global optimizer default optimizer file (Zortech C++)

TMP Temporary file (Microsoft Windows) (ALL)

TMS Script file (Telemate)

TNV Data file (BitWare)

TOC Table of contents file (Eudora Mailbox)

TOL Image file (Kodak Photo Enhancer)

TOS The Operation System for Atari line of 16/32 and 32/32 computers

TOS Self-Extracting archive (Atari ST)

TP Configuration file (Turbo Pascal)

TP Sesson-state file (Turbo Profiler)

TP4 Saved picture file (Roller Coaster Tycoon)

TPB Downloadable PCL Soft font file backup (HiJaak)

TPF Downloadable PCL Soft font file (HiJaak)

TPH Help file (Turbo Pascal)

TPL Residents units library (Turbo Pascal)

TPL Template file ( Cakewalk Audio)

TPL Template file (Harvard Graphics 2.0)

TPL Template file (DataCAD)

TPL Encrypted lesson file (TutorPro)

TPP Project file (Teleport Pro)

TPP Protected mode units (Borland Pascal 7.0)

TPU Turbo Pascal Unit (Turbo Pascal)(BGI)

TPU Command file (VAXTPU Editor)

TPV Packed graphics file (TutorPro)

TPW Session-state file (Turbo Profiler for Microsoft Windows)

TPW Packed wave files (TutorPro)

TPW Turbo Pascal Unit (BGI) (Turbo Pascal for Windows 9.x)

TPX Image file (ULead Photo Express)

TPZ Compressed archive (TAR)

TPZ Compressed archive (GNUzip)

TP3 Template file (Harvard Graphics)

TR Session-state settings (Turbo Charge Debugger for DOS)

TR2 Session-state settings (Turbo Charge Debugger for Win32)

TRA Saved game file (Coaster)

TRC Debug support file (Power CTrace)

TRE Directory tree file (PC-Tools)

TRK Script file (Kermit)

TRM Terminal file (Generic)

TRM Terminal settings file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)

TRN Translation support file (Quattro Pro)

TRN Project usage log (MKS Source Integrity)

TRS Executable file (MicroGraphix)

TRW Sesion-state settings (Turbo Debugger for Windows)

TST Printer test file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TTF TrueType font (Generic)

TTK Translation tool kit file (Corel Catalyst)

TTO Client access data specification file (AS/400) (Server to Client)

TUV Tutorial file (Many programs use this suffix for their tutorials) (Generic)

TV Table view settings (Paradox)

TV1 Overflow file above insert point in document 1 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TV2 Overflow file above insert point in document 2 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TV3 Overflow file above insert point in document 3 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TV4 Overflow file above insert point in document 4 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TV5 Overflow file above insert point in document 5 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TV6 Overflow file above insert point in document 6 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TV7 Overflow file above insert point in document 7 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TV8 Overflow file above insert point in document 8 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TV9 Overflow file above insert point in document 9 (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

TVF Table view settings (dBase IV)

TWF Data file (TABWorks)

TWW Template file (TagWrite)

TX8 MS-DOS text

TXB Encoded briefing file (Descent/D2)

TXF Compressed archive (TAR)

TXF Compressed archive (FREEZE)

TXF Tax exchange format (Quicken and others)

TXI Support file (TeX)

TXT ASCII text-formatted audio data

TXW Wave file (Yamaha TX16W)

TYM Time Stamp files (PageMaker 4.0)

TZ Old compression file (TAR), (COMPRESS)

TZB Compressed archive (Tar)

T2T Modeling software file (Sonata CAD)

T44 Temporary file for sorting index (dBase IV)

T64 Emulator tape image file (Commodore 64)

UAP User agent profile (Used by wireless telephony applications)

UB Raw unsigned byte (8-bit) data

UC2 Compressed archive (UltraCompressor II)

UCN New compressed archive (UltraCompressor II)

UDF Unique Database (Microsoft Windows NT)

UDF Image filter (Photostyler)

UDW Raw unsigned doubleword (32-bit) data

UE2 Encrypted archive (UltraCompressor II)

UFO Object file (Ulead)

UG Drawing file (AutoCAD and others)

UHS Binary file (Universal Hint System)

UI Espire source code (Geoworks UI Compiler)

UI User interface file (Sprint)

UIF Long prompts for Microsoft Windows ((Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

UIH Espire header file (Geoworks UI Compiler)

UL Audio file (ULAW)

ULAW (CCITT G.711) audio (US Telephony)

ULD Uploaded file information (Procomm Plus)

ULT Music module (MOD) (UltraTracker)

UMB Backup file (archive) (MemMaker)

UNI UniMod music module (MOD) (MikMod)

UNI Datafile (Forcast Pro)

UNX Text file (Unix specific information)

UPD Updated program data (Generic)

UPD Updated program data (dBase)

UPI Program file (ULead Photo Impact)

UPO Compiled updated datafile (dBase)

UPX Saved Image file (ULead Photo Express)

URF Universal radar format (Radar ViewPoint)

URL Internet shortcut file (Universal Resource Locator)

USE Source Integrity file (MKS)

USP Printer font w/updated USACII extended character set (Pagemaker)

USR User database file (Procomm Plus)

USR Audit trail file (Pro/Engineer)

USR User database file (Turbo C++)

USR User database file (Tour)

UU UU-encoded file

UU Compressed ASCII archive (UUDE/ENCODE)

UUE Executable compressed ASCII archive (UUDE/ENCODE)

UUE UU-encoded file

UW Raw unsigned 16-bit) datafile (Word)

UWF Wave file (UltraTracker)

V Consistency check support file (ReaGeniX Code Generator)

V Main image input file (Vivid 2.0)

VAL Validity checks/referential integrity checks (Paradox for Windows)

VAL Values list object file (dBase Application Generator)

VAL Asset management document (Milliplex OmniValue)

VAN Animation file (VistaPro)

VAP Annotated speech file (Generic)

VAR Variable file (IconAuthor)

VAR ASCII text file for data dictionary (Sterling Software Groundworks, COOL Business Team Enterprise Model)

VBA VBase file

VBP Project file (Microsoft Visual Basic)

VBR Remote automated registration file (Microsoft Visual Basic)

VBS Script file (Microsoft Visual Basic)

VBW Workspace file (Microsoft Visual Basic)

VBX Custom control file (Microsoft Visual Basic)

VBX Visual basic extension (Microsoft Visual Basic)

VC Include file with color definitions (Vivid 2.0)

VC Spreadsheet (VisaCalc)

VCE Unformatted voice file (used by Cool Edit)

VCE Unformatted voice file (Natural Microsystems) (NMS)

VCF Virtual card file (Netscape)

VCF Virtual card file (Many programs use this extension)

VCF Configuration file; defines objects for use with Sense8's WorldToolKit (Vevi)

VCT Class library (Microsoft FoxPro) (MFC)

VCW Visual workbench information file (Microsoft Visual C++)

VCX Class library (Microsoft FoxPro)(MFC)

VDA Targa bitmap

VDA Graphics image (Generic)

VDR Drawing file (ComputerEasy Draw)

VEL 3D drawing file (CAD( (Ashlar)

VEW View file (Clipper 5)

VEW View file (Lotus Approach)

VFL Clip art file (PrintMaster Gold)

VFM Voting form (Voter)

VFN Voting form for customers (VFN)

VGA Video graphics array (Monitor type, also defines if your monitor is compliant with the new (1994) SVGA (Super Video Graphics Array) (SVGA)

VGA Video graphics array (Font type for display on a VGA Monitor)

VGD Visual display driver ( Generic CADD)

VGR Graphics file (Ventura Publisher)

VI Graphics file (Jovian Logic VI)

VI Virtual Instrument file (National Instruments LABView)

VIC Graphics file (Vicar)

VID Shell monitor file (Microsoft DOS v.5)

VID Screen device driver (Microsoft Word)

VID Bitmap graphics (YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer)

VID Bethesda video files (Terminator, Future Shock)

VIF Khoros Visualisation image (SDSC Image Tool)

VIFF Khoros Visualisation image (SDSC Image Tool)

VIK Graphics Image (Viking)

VIR File identified as a virus-infected file by Norton AntiVirus and possibly others

VIS Graphics image file (VIS)

VIV Streaming video file (VivoActive)

VIZ dVS/dVISE file (Division)

VLB Library file (Corel Ventura)

VLM Drafting program file (Vellum, by Ashler)

VM Virtual memory file (Geoworks)

VMC Virtual memory configuration file (Adobe Acrobat Reader)

VMD On-line video file (Sierra) (Torin's Passage)

VMF Audio file (FaxWorks)

VMF Font characteristics file (Ventura Publishing)

VML Vector markup language (used by Microsoft Office 2000)

VMS Text file with vms specific information

VO Include file with object definiton (Vivid 2.0)

VOB Encrypted video and audio files used on current DVD's (Digital Video Disk)

VOC Audio file (Creative Labs Sound Blaster)

VOC Audio file (Quartet)

VOF Object folder (VZ Programmer)

VOX Dialogic audio file coded using ADPCM

VOX Formatted voice file (Natural Microsystems) (NMS)

VOX Audio file (Talking Technology)

VP Publication (Ventura Publisher)

VPG Graphics image file (VPGraphics)

VQA Video files (Westwood Studios)

VQE VQ Locator file (Yamaha Sound)

VQF VQ file (Yamaha Sound) (possible emerging standard)

VQL VQ Locator file (Yamaha Sound)

VRF Configuration file (Oracle 7)

VRM Overlay file (Quattro Pro)


VRP Project file (VXRexx)

VRS Video device driver (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

VS Include file w/surface definition (Vivid 2.0)

VSD Drawing file (flow chart or schematic)(Shapeware Visio)

VSL Download List file (GetRight)

VSM Simulation model (VisSim)

VSN A Windows 9x/NT ViruSafe version file; used to keep information about all the files in a directory; when a file is accessed, information is compared with the VSN information to ensure that they match

VSP Image sprite (SPX)

VSP Data print file (Schedule Soft)

VSS Stencil file (Shapeware Visio)

VSS Smartshapes image file (Shapeware Visio)

VST Targa bitmap (Generic)

VST Bitmap graphic file (TrueVison Vista)

VSW Workspace file (Shapeware Visio)

VUE Animation file (3D Studio)

VUE View file (dBase IV)

VUE View file (Microsoft FoxPro)

VW Text file (Volkswriter)

VWP Audio MetaSound plug-in (VoxWare Audio Compression Toolkit version 2.02.61)

VWP Audio plug-in (Voxware MetaVoice Toolkit)

VWR File viewer (PC Tools)

VXD Virtual device driver (Microsoft Windows 9.x)

V8 8-bit audio file (CoVox)

W Word chart file (APPLAUSE)

W30 Printer font (AST TurboLaser)

W30 Printer font (Ventura Publisher)

W31 Startup file (Microsoft Windows 3.1)

W3L W3Launch file

W44 Temporary file for Sort or Index (dBase)

WAB Outlook file (Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express)

WAD Large file for Doom game containing video, player level, and other information

WAL Texture file (Quake 2)

WAS Script source code file (Procomm Plus Aspect)

WAV Waveform sound (Microsoft Windows)

WAX Compiled script file (Procomm Plus Aspect)

WB1 Notebook (QuattroPro for Windows)

WB2 Spreadsheet (QuattroPro for Windows)

WB3 Text file (QuattroPro for Windows)

WBC Image file (Webshots)

WBF Batch file (Microsoft Windows 9.x)

WBK Backup file (Microsoft Word for Windows)

WBL Upload file (Argo Webload II)

WBR WordBar File (Crick Software)

WBT Batch file (WinBatch)

WBT Wordbar template (Crick Software)

WCD Macro token list file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

WCM Macro (Microsoft WordPerfect fdor Windows)

WCM Data transmission file (Microsoft Works)

WCP Product information description file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

WD2 Database file (Info Select) by (Micro Logic)

WDB Database file (Microsoft Works)

WDF WebArt data file (database file that can be converted for use in many programs)

WDG Warftpd remote daemon file

WEB Web document (Corel Zara)

WEB Web source code file

WFB Bank file (Maui/Rio/Monterey) (Turtle Beack WaveFront)

WFD Drum set (Maui/Rio/Monterey)(Turtle Beach WaveFront)

WFD Audio waveform (WaveForm Manager Pro)

WFL Flowchart file (Winflow)

WFM Windows form (Virtual dBase)

WFN Symbol (Corel Draw)

WFP Program file (Turtle Beach WaveFront)(Maui/Rio/Monterey)

WFT Data file (NICOLET (Old Format), see NRF)

WFX Data file (WinFax)

WG1 Worksheet (Lotus 1-2-3/G)

WG2 Worksheet (Lotus 1-2-3 for O/S2)

WGP Data file (Wild Board Games)

WI Wavelet compressed bitmap (Corel)

WID Width table (Ventura Publisher)

WIF Wavelet image file (see WI)

WIL WinImage file

WIM Wireless identity module (Used by wireless application protocols)

WIN Window file (Microsoft FoxPro)

WIN Window file (dBase)

WIN Window preference file (Pro/Engineer)

WIS Script file (Reynolds & Reynolds) (Stores the results of a database query)

WIZ Wizard file (Microsoft Word)

WIZ Page wizard (Microsoft Publisher)

WK1 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 v. 1 and 2)

WK3 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 v. 3)

WK4 Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 v. 4)

WKB Document file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

WKE Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 Educational version)

WKQ Spreadsheet (Quattro Pro)

WKS Spreadsheet (Symphony 1.0)

WKS Worksheet spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3)

WKS Document (Microsoft Works)

WKS Workspace file (Xlisp)


WLF Upload file (Argo Upload I)

WLK Graphics file (Virtus Walkthrough)

WLL Add-In file (Microsoft)

WMA Audio file in Microsoft Windows Media format (Can be changed to ASF) Siren (Sonic Foundry)

WMC Backup files for startup (MathCAD for Windows)

WMC Macro file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

WMC Text file (WordMARC)

WMF Metafile (Microsoft Windows)

WN Text file (NeXT WriteNow)

WNF Outline font description file (CorelDRAW)

WOA Swap file (Microsoft Windows 3.x)

WOC Organization chart (Microsoft Windows OrgChart)

WOW Music module (MOD) (Grave Composer)

WP Document file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

WPA Word processor document (ACT!)

WP4 Document (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows 4.0)

WP5 Document (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows 5.0)

WP6 Document (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows 6.0)

WPD Demo file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows) (ALL)

WPD Document (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

WPF Document (Enable)

WPF Fax document (WorldPort)

WPF Form file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

WPG Microsoft Word for Windows vector graphics (DrawPerfect)

WPG Graphics file (Microsoft Word for Windows)

WPK Macro (Microsoft Word for Windows)

WPM Macro (Microsoft Word for Windows)

WPS Text document (Microsoft Works)

WPT Template (Microsoft Word for Windows)

WPW PerfectWorks document (Novell)

WQ! Compressed spreadsheet (QuattroPro)

WQ1 Spreadsheet (QuattroPro/DOS)

WQ2 Spreadsheet (QuattroPro version 5)

WR1 Symphony file (Lotus)

WR1 Spreadsheet (Symphony 1.1-2)

WRD Template (Charisma)

WRG ReGet document

WRI Write document (Windows Write)

WRK Project file (CakeWalk Music Audio)

WRK Spreadsheet (Symphony 1.0)

WRL Virtual Reality model

WRP Compressed Amiga archive (WARP)

WRP 3D modeling file (Raindrop Geomagic) (Scandata)

WRS Resource file (Microsoft Word for Windows)

WRZ Another VRML fileject

WS Text file (WordStar)

WS1 Document (WordStar for Windows version 1)

WS2 Document (WordStar for Windows version 2)

WS3 Document (WordStar for Windows version 3)

WS4 Document (WordStar for Windows version 4)

WS5 Document (WordStar for Windows version 5)

WS6 Document (WordStar for Windows version 6)

WS7 Document (WordStar for Windows version 7)

WSD Document (WordStar for Windows 2000)

WSP WorkSpace file (Fortran PowerStation)

WST Document (WordStar for Windows)

WSZ Skin (WinAmp)

WTA Used by wireless telephony applications

WVL Wavelet Compressed Bitmap

WVW Interleaf WorldView format (a PDF format)

WWB Button bar for document window (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

WWK Keyboard layout file (Microsoft WordPerfect for Windows)

WWL Add-in file (Microsoft Word)

WXD Music resource file (Relic Entertainment)(Home World)

WXP Document file (EXP for Microsoft Windows)

X AVS image (SDSC Image Tool)

X Source code file (Lex)

XAR Corel Xara drawing

XBM A MIME 'X11" bitmap image

XDL XML Schema file

XFN Printer font file (Xerox)

XFN Printer font file (Ventura Publisher)

XFT Printer font file (24 Pin) (ChiWriter)

XFX Fax Document (Various)

XHTML eXtensible hypertext markup language

XI Instrument sample file (ScreamTracker)

XI Instrument file (FastTracker II)

XIF Wang imaging file (Included with Windows 95)

XIF Image file (Xerox) (same as TIF)

XIF Image file (Pagis)

XIF Image file eXtended (ScanSoft) the file is similar to TIFF and is a (Pagis) native format

XLA Add-in file (Microsoft Excel)

XLA Archive (Xlib)

XLB Toolbar file (Microsoft Excel)

XLB Datafile (Microsoft Excel)

XLC Chart file (Microsoft Excel)

XLD Dialogue file (Microsoft Excel)

XLK Backup file (Microsoft Excel)

XLL Add-in file (Microsoft Excel)

XLL Dynamic link library (Microsoft Excel)

XLM Macro file (Microsoft Excel)

XLS Worksheet file (Microsoft Excel)

XLT Template file (Microsoft Excel)

XLT Translation table (Lotus 1-2-3)

XLT Translation table (Symphony)

XLT Translation table (Procomm Plus)

XLV VBA module (Microsoft Excel)

XLW Workbook (Microsoft Excel)

XM Music module (MOD) (Fast Tracker 2)

XMI Compressed midi music (eXtended)

XML eXtensible markup language

XNF Network file (Standard)

XNK Shortcut file (Microsoft Exchange)

XON Datafile (Axon)

XPM X BitMap format

XQT Executable file (Waffle)

XQT Macro file (SuperCalc)


XR1 Data file (Epic Megagames Xargon)

XRF Cross-reference file (Generic)

XTB External translation table (LocoScript)

XTP Data file (Xtree)

XWD X Window Dump format (SDSC Image Tool)

XWF Works file (Yamaha XG) (MIDI sequencing)

XWK Keyboard mapping file (Crosstalk)

XWP Session file (Crosstalk)

XWP Text file (Xerox Writer)

XX Compressed ASCII archive (XXENCODE)

XXE Compressed ASCII archive (XXENCODE)

XY Text file (XYWrite)

XY3 Document file (XYWrite III)

XY4 Document file (XYWrite IV)

XYP Document file (XYWrite III Plus)

XYW Document file (XYWrite for Windows 4.x)

X01 Secondary index file (Paradox)

X02 Secondary index file (Paradox)

X03 Secondary index file (Paradox)

X04 Secondary index file (Paradox)

X05 Secondary index file (Paradox)

X06 Secondary index file (Paradox)

X07 Secondary index file (Paradox)

X08 Secondary index file (Paradox)

X09 Secondary index file (Paradox)

X16 Macromedia Extra (program extension), 16 bit

X32 Macromedia Extra (program extension), 32 bit

Y Grammar file (Yaac)

Y Compressed Amiga archive (YABBA)

YAL Clipart library (Arts & Letters)

YBK Yearbook file (Microsoft Encarta)

YUV Graphics file (YUV)

YZ Compressed file archive (YAC)

Y01 Secondary index file (Paradox)

Y02 Secondary index file (Paradox)

Y03 Secondary index file (Paradox)

Y04 Secondary index file (Paradox)

Y05 Secondary index file (Paradox)

Y06 Secondary index file (Paradox)

Y07 Secondary index file (Paradox)

Y08 Secondary index file (Paradox)

Y09 Secondary index file (Paradox

Z Compressed ASCII archive (COMPRESS)

Z Unix file Compressed

ZAP Software installation settings file (Microsoft Windows)

ZAP Compressed file (FileWrangler)

ZDG Compressed text document (Zview)

ZER Data file (Zerberus)

ZGM Graphics file (ZenoGraphics)

ZIP Zip file Compressed archive

ZOM Compressed Amiga archive (ZOOM)

ZOO An early compressed file format

ZVD Voice file (Zyxel Z-Fax)

Z3 Game module (Infocom)

000 Data file (GEOWorks)

000-20009 Used to number old (backup) versions of files (for example, CONFIG.SYS when changed by an installation program); also used to number related data files for multiple users of a small-scale PC application

1ST Documenting wizard list (Microsoft Visual FoxPro)

001-999 Database index files used by (Superbase)

8 Source file (Assembly) (Similar to Microsoft Assembler)

113 Backup data file (Iomega Backup)

12M Smartmaster file (Lotus 1-2-3 '97)

123 Lotus 123 97 file

1-STEP Backup file (Iomega Backup)

2D Two-dimensional drawing file (VersaCAD) (http://www.versacad.com/vcadhome.htm)

2GR and 3GR VGA Graphics driver/configuration files (Microsoft Windows)

3D Three-dimensional drawing file (VersaCAD) (http://www.versacad.com/vcadhome.htm)

3DM 3D NURBS modeler, (Rhino)

3DS A file in 3D Studio (for DOS) format

386 A file for use in an 80386 or higher microprocessor

411 Data file (Used by digital cameras)

4GE Compiled code (Informix 4GL)

4GL Source code (Informix 4GL)

4V Music file (Quartet)

669 Music mod file (Composer 669)(Unis Composer)

669 Tracker module (Composer 669)

#01 and higher A method of numbering picture files for a roll of film that has been scanned for computer presentation

$$$ Used by OS/2 to keep track of archived files

~PR Project backup file (Terramodel)

~$~ Temporary file (1ST Reader)

~AP AppExpert project database file (Borland C++ 4.5)

~DE Project backup file (Borland C++ 4.5)

~MN Menu backup (Norton Commander)

@@@ Screen files used in the installation and instruction on use of such applications as Microsoft Codeview for C.


Of course there are always more extensions being introduced.
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