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the nu way to pay for it
CALLED NembershippingG

the d.i.l is you 1 NEMBERsm @ A.i TIME
twnocburst The Worlds Nember Owned .Company
The true
Disco+Very .Company
the .comm unity

The Real DeaL
is online

Keshia K





all ages & races
welcome welkom

Tour comin soon


Nu View runway approach

Help with



yep thats rite

with Super User Access ! What " due you " think it means ?U OWN THIS DOT ( must be 5 )


All site entrances update heavily@47%>>>

VPS with Your Deal


VPS www Your DeaL
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-ing YOUR KC

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will begin to
show up here

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Watch out
Win typin
nu view.www.names

Check out about Stancy Nesby of San Fran Cisco what happened to her privacy / identity , among the many that have had their identity swiped so easily

A-22 second way to tell if being involved with Nember is right for you......
ck out
Nu View circle circle all around Nu View......
!is it time for the final bout ?


Some other direct >ions

i am totally new to the computers <> interNet computers

NP = no problem :)
Nembers helping Nembers
"""" is what its all about """

I know what i'm doinG
oh yea ! ... okay

let see

Believe it OR not com put errrs can 'do this' plus +h@ with the
?tag >  i knowww :)!:(


Browse the web site to see where YOU stand and how the D! can serve you and yours
wee been watchin and ready for 

u don't wanna type our long domain name to
get in the D!

focus & hit enter

((( Matrix Mosaics )))

it only takes 5 Zones 2 MatriX the wWworld One Nember @ A.i Time ;)

.tijd om te oogsten , don't cha think

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and wee know about all these<>thoser's ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

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