> in other words , you won't hide long , if you harm a nember=people by ripping them off...


insert care2petition site encode ing coming online


last update : Sunday, May 25, 2014 02:47:43 PM -0500

(*) This is the official cover page of The D.i.L internet Proclamation Declaration [iPD]
posted by authority [ D.i.L]   Directinternetlocator.com
originally thought of when the net became greasy with tactics and Our planet was being polluted intentionally

if your bold enough to go where no ones gone before
activating route igniting.............sta tune!D=)

html web papered copy here


snapped from the MOVIE the breakfast club

d icon b00ky mARK art

About The D.i.L

How the @ is used

2 System Admins

As outlined in a three topic company view for you  ,  you've been served !
ip# will show in v.server sys *.log.web.hosting.easy.*.skynet

* About the D!

This DNS ( Domain Name System ) is hereby being declared to be the intellect property of all
that are cross listed as claiming the mail-to protocol tag , the " @ " sign as binding revenue for each Nember.

And , such are claiming the blocking of abuse of the mail-to tag claimed by the human.
In layman wording.
No abuse of  Y-Our mail-to tag

If you believe so  , stay tuned for the i.p.d to show up on t.v> TALK ABOUT IT TO SUPPORT IT

HOW THE @ 'WILL' BE UTILIZED by The .Company and its Part Nears   Partners=Affiliates

*** click thru > if possible #########

D.i.L Nember Key Coding is the com bin @tion that unlocks the true identity of p2p on a g1oba1 scale

In other words;
abuse an email addresss claimed

and all servers will aim a disconnect from the Nember NetworX
and severe connections to and from that email address.

Therefore , halting any and all 20th century tactics almost Instantly.

Your Deal 123 this is how easy it can be


1. Personal use with agents = hycons via Your Key Code

A. CLAIM ( personal 2 personal ) p2p
B. Key Coding input output ; global and local (if you wish)
C. Sharing Keys and making keys that expire causing Mystification Identification

initial time to Key Code ( ? )


2. Business use as Commerce

A.  Authorization to 21st Century ( business 2 business ) b2b
B. CLAIM VAS Virtual Ad Space ;  placement that Match Accurately and Properly to the service / product , almost instantly.

{ whatcha got ? Nembers like everything ! }


3. An Interactive .Company  Online <> Offline   dubbed TW NOC  The Worlds Nember Owned .Company

A. An All Age Investment .Company with no charge internet accessibility.

B. Learning earning with your ear any way you steer your mail-to tag.

{ when Grouping and CATing your mail-to tag to make it work for you } Creating Your Deal

C. Zoning around the Globe as some say ,

via your face 2 face http interface and vice verse across nodes p2p electronically filtering non wanted advertisements.

! How does that grab ya ?


The Above is a very crude simplified version of The!DeVouring of 20thCentury tactics


You only get what You asked 4 and no more
with Key Coding that only You know.
not even the mac hines knowww 

The  " @ "  is very berry black berry special , so make cl@im on it

((( SYSOP 2 SYSOPS : You are encouraged to develop your iPDs' :) [here]
The internet expands out of h@nd at times, and I.T. "is about setting information free and trustworthly."via Your Special Key Coding
secured=in agreement internet proclamation declarations make it clear where You stand with each business product and or service )))

sending a blank emailto info@directinternetlocator.com will trigger Your 1st!DSERVER RESPONSE

(=male OR female=)


d icon b00ky mARK art