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FAQ and more

Netizen claiming Nembership
N Motion

in order to avoid machine claiming !DNS with robots , spiders and such an.droids

\/\/ \/\/ \/\/

plzzzzz step thru a 3 question session to trigger the cutting of Your Key Coding > >

! rRr u sure you went thru the site and know what THE DEAL is really all about ?

in as simple words as possible , it's about you and your identity using the internet

>> ready sET G()

I discovered the sitez pages AND I totally understand ...

.......Da pLan

Notice : after finishing your questionaire your server will
stArt interActing with You accor!Dingly

# 1 ?  What is sooo great about .Nember.Ship !?! PING

hal do you like that ?!?

--->Your Nember NetworX<---

T o t a l   s t e p s
2 Nember Completion 7+7secrets=)

and what due you think TW NOC means
The Worlds Nember Owned .Company
! How does that sit with you ?

(=!YOU OWN IT!=)