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THE DIL is open for public use , but , not 4 abUSE

(*) Terms of Continued Permanent Services
TCPS  addendum


just pLease , try 2 reNember these
3 A's , 0k 4!

Age restriction(s) outlineD on file
Abuse reporting posteD offline in PRNT
A attitude changes A atmosphere
(((((((((((((((((((fer yer Nember Shippp 2 flyyy thurrr))))))))))))))))))))

that's all folks

just live and let live is really this .Companys simple motto 
+> Hey we all live here > cLAim Your pART 2 Daehhh ;) oH! Kewl!



quick litmUS test > do you see seven sevens above ?
or just zees ! OR MAYB_OTH