...nothing is secure or ever will be...
with only 1 exception  Key COHding

it's so secret > that > daa machines don't know it
D.i.L~Is arrivinG...& i.ts huge ,  you can own it too if you like 2 drive and RIDE!

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One way to determine what D.i.L is about before you start clicking and wasting bandwidth > is to listen to the current (particular) song.
The song is:
"You only get what you give, by the New Radicals"!
If you have heard it or know what it says and you should ask yourself , " what does this song mean "  ???!!
" Then you definetely should go surfing somewhere else , so we don't waste your time.
We wanted to explain to you first about what we aim to do, because we DO value your time.
If you DO understand what the songs represent, please traffic this site to you and yourz when you think  about i.t!

ACTions that generate end 2 end almost instantly
BECOMING  A NEMBERsm , not  Number.
wWwee rrr  The People 2 People Nember Network  aka  TW  NOC
The Worlds Nember Owned .CompanY

BTW  by the way   MEMO    >   WWW = BALANCE


memo 2 geeks and freaks
from LMM

i am with you as far as bILL and his proDUCTS go (microsoft) ,but, it's like this; hE came up with a graphical interface for the masses
"that need" to "have their hands held , "all the TIME", and YOU didn't come up with it , (((((so what)))))just drive it.
HOW-EVERR- you know as well as i, that NO C.T is seCUre !!?!! if you know when the errors r the answers...

If you (the ones that KNOW their $hit about com.put.error systems) CaN relate to what i say, then YOU better=should help The D.i.L Nembers out win they 1st ask u , because you'd be reALLy helping yourself out from within....
.\what will happen and what will be in this somewhat of a circle we're all in ,  no one persons know, but , many have a good idea...

just>don't alWAYs believe WHAT YOU HEAR ON the t.v, especially about the interNET and the binary code 0's&1's!?

..............DirectinterNetlocator is the very beginning of the human net.
We're currently seeking individuals talented within the computer science field, that want to step up to the plate and tribute to The D! endeavor.


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