Okay for 3 minutes; let's play...

"What's wrong with this picture"
(besides the fact that it says D.i.L has been online since 1969!)

The below snapshot was taken on March 19, 2004...a search using HotBot via Lycos.
It's now March 24, 2004...only 5 days after the below snapshot was taken!
Goto http://www.hotbot.comLink Opens in New Window now.

  • Do you see what's missing,
    compared to the picture below?

What do you win if you get the answer right?   Perhaps a glimpse into what's happening online...but if that's not enough, goto http://www.iwon.comLink Opens in New Window or something...

You can go directly to LycosLink Opens in New Window to see the same results as the picture below.
(But once this is posted online, Lycos may correct the error :) we will see.

D.i.L Online Since 1969!!!  :) Link Opens in New Window

Of course we realize this is a computer glitch, considering the fact that D.i.L started in October 31, 1996 (69 backwards), but this should prove to the ones that don't already realize: you're smarter than the computer!  Don't forget it!!!

How to take a snapshot of your screen...(instructions for Windows98 only)...

  1. Press the button 'Print Screen' on your keyboard.  (It should be to the right of your 'F12' key.)
  2. Open up Microsoft Paint (you can really use any graphics program you want, but this is just for demonstration)...
    1. Click 'Start' > 'Programs' > 'Accessories' > 'Paint'
    2. Click 'Edit' > 'Paste'
    3. Hey....That's what your screen looks like!
    4. Now...click 'File' > 'Save As'
    5. Next to 'Save in' select 'Desktop' (so you can find the file quickly)
    6. Next to 'File name:' type whatever filename you want...for example, 'screenshot'
    7. Click the 'Save' button
  3. Now...to see the file you just saved, goto your desktop, and double-click the file!

Where does it go when I hit 'Print Screen'?

  • Click 'Start' > 'Programs' > 'Accessories' > 'System Tools' > 'Clipboard Viewer'

Anytime you copy anything (copy button, Ctrl+C, 'Edit' > 'Copy', 'Print Screen'...), Windows puts it on the Clipboard Viewer for it to be pasted somewhere...neat, huh?

Hey...if this is too many instructions for you, you could always pay for a program to do it for you!  Yes, they are out there, but we prefer not to "promote" them here!!!
Using any search engine, search for "print screen," or "screen shot" to find these PAID programs...
but do you really want to when you can make the computer do it with simple steps ?!?


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