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Currently, we are ending prototyping mode.  No money will be exchanged til D.i.L begins functioning globally

Hey, what's so different about you guys and putting a banner ad somewhere else?

Well, first of all, we have a name that can do iT

Secondly, we don't just want to "put up" advertisements all over the place just to make money!  We've been surviving for the last 12 years without ANY revenue from the website!  Our first intention is to give people reliable information and resources.  With all our traveling, we have come to realize that advertising has become somewhat of a "catch 22."  People need it because without it, they don't know where to get the things they need, and businesses need it for the same reason.  Advertising has fallen short of its fame because it tries to "hype up" what a company cannot really offer (like selling a product for an unusually low amount when there are only 2 in stock -- just to get people to come into your store!)  People aren't stupid, and they've caught on to this tactic.   And what does this accomplish?  People still needing to rely on advertising, but hating the fact in the meantime.  We know there have to be reliable, responsible companies out there who really do make an effort to come through on their promises, and we want to build (with the help of many others) an online community of actual resources in their area.

And how do we know that reliable, responsible companies exist?  Because throughout all of our travels, we have actually come across quite a few of them...but most people don't even know they exist!  Hence, the reason advertising is still a major necessity, but has been a major burden (to companies and customers alike)....til now.

If you are the type of company to deliver what you promise to your customers, and if you'd like to become involved with the name (DIRECTinternetLOCATOR.com) and the innovative ideas that we're proposing, request a placement today and see just how many are looking for you!



The Netizen first selects their country/state/province, etc. from this page

Then, they will select their specific area (city, town, etc).  In this example (because the area has already been prototyped by D.i.L), let's say the Netizen selected Defuniak Springs, FL.

If a company has and/or needs a website (because of inventory or databases, etc), they can order the 330 x 58 VAS.  <<CREATE A "DOES MY COMPANY REALLY NEED A WEBSITE" PAGE>>
Basically, this means that their VAS will rotate among others in the area, and when the Netizen clicks on it, they will be taken to the companies' website.

If a company does not have and/or does not need a website, they can order the VSS (Virtual Site within a Site).  This also includes a VAS, but when the Netizen clicks on their VAS, they will be taken to the companies' VSS (see below).

Not only does the company get an "advertisement," but also a list of relative ideas (thought-linking) as a benefit to the Netizens.  For example, the below (Juniper Lake Campground) is an R.V. (Camper) park, so the thought-linking ideas associated with it would be "Propane fill station locator," "Traffic and Weather Conditions," etc.

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