TW NOC - The Worlds Nember Owned .Company TW NOC - The Worlds Nember Owned .Company

The D.i.L is a People 2 People Nember & SM  Nember NetworX
WAN s LAN s MAN s PANS + yOur imagin _ _ _ _ _ !
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Mi DirectinternetLocator.COM
Welcome Visitor

the wave is building , make sure you catch it!Access Granted
his story

How do you use I.T   or  does i.t use you

Welcome to the DirectinterNetLocator.COM
All DOTZ you discover , also Welcome you.
Are you ready to seal the deal with yourself in mind

Do you know about those > whambambambam.jpg (21529 bytes)


The D systems
are pre-programmed to be
kind when you are Nembershipping


Briefly in very short summary
A Nembership equals Key Code that only the Nember knows (thats u)
Therefore , A MAP is created Mystifying the identification of the user -YOu-


The D.i.L is combinDing any and all your Memberships N2 one Nembership via
very special unknown coded Multipasses' that Match Accurately and Properly accorDing 2 your spec
if ications :) and Yes , disposable or rechargable.


answer the below  2   questions honestly  2  yoursELF

? Would you like to have internet access anywhere you go

? Will you instruct the server system(s) about your likes
, cuz IF you like it , we know we buy it :)

if.u.answered.yes.twice : Then you are ready to make a claim
and become a Nember , not #  [ some age restriction with Multi Passing and a few countries are giving some static about the security lock out Nembership methods.

There is no trial Nembership ; once you start Key Coding , " the email " that you are binding with
becomes null/void/deleted from ever accessing that KC.

You must create
[ Your Deal ]
entry into  site
will be all about

especially , for you...
like a never ending labryinth

Hold on tight

auto mode should
ignite in
111 secs
beginning your DISCO
da trein is a coming ... get on board advancing

psst...everything turns dynamic=magical
win U Key Code  i.t




DirectinternetLocator.COM  The Worlds NemberSM Owned .Company                                                                 What due you think it means

stop spam and anything you did not .net for

Wee know about em all @ LiGHT SPEEd

we know about all of em and they know about you


  • 2007 NOTICE

After ENTRY n2 D.i.L !  the site will change frequently like 24/7 ,   ((( mirrors plz show yourself )))
This Home page does not usually allow caching ,
that means put a copy on the local machine you are using ;
automatically , a temporary file as you may have heard it called

A 21st Century DOT