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1996 "Who can you find"

....One of the very first HOME pages for DIL. okay, laugh.

1997 "Not just any web site"

...Hyperdotting with approx 15,747 external link routes.

1998 "Building Tomorrow Today"

...Infrastructure to virtual world portals. Global and Local.

1999 "Here we grow now"

...The final countdown to dot com bliss and selloffs.

2000 "And Counting"

...Systems maintaining core date record and trafficed areas.

After 5 years of mass confusion, we finally agreed on what the homepage should contain and look like.
2001 & 2002
:  It's a world record - we've now agreed on 3 ! -now, the core changes accordingly :)

2001 "Finally"

Cyberspace has breath. The foundation is set.
All platforms plugging in.

2002, I.T. IS A space odyssey.

" The Domain That's yOURS Together "
NetiZens are not so dumb.

2003......site indexing quarters.

Intelligence of Netizen awareness confirmed


Ready Set Go> Here come the Nembers.


Ready Set Go> Here come the Nembers.


Ready Set Go> Here come the Nembers.


Ready Set Go> Here come the Nembers.


Ready Set Go> Here come the Nembers.


Ready Set Go> Here come the Nembers.

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many localized index=start pages were generated hovering above the social nets growing as predicted wee wood all due

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