wanna taste ?   Ask a random Nember something !

make claim today to truly have I.T your way
anybody can if you have an email

...Nembershipping         defin it ion
When looking and/or searching, other Nembers show the way
when request starts first by you. Just like asking a friend. f2f p2p b2b

example: you ask the Nembers around you according
to their zone and your zone. Whatever it is you are seeking !

cool huh-- Your KC will be totally activated for the 21st Century by 2007.
Yes, you train it. You teach it. You tell it.

You con-trol it with Key Coding that only you know.

There is ALOT more to it --- and privacy is key.

Nembers set up their Key Code in Towns, Cities, Villages, new mosiacremote islands an other such areas around the globe.
They never get spammed with green eggs and ham. Unless they want it ! lol

V.A.S placements are matched by areas and by Nember request(s). PERiOD
Matching Accurately and Properly

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Remember, this is no e-bay. This is your way.

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