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  • MAIN GOAL of .Company
    to get dots to make claim on a mail-to
    protocol tag { an e-mail address }

    It can be from on A: hotmail - yahoo

    anywho - aol - accounts
    and all  therest of 'em.
    * NO re-direct re-forwarded email

    and you may know why.
    new window read iPD { drafting }

    the outer ring of !D is for purpose of this type is
    about discoVery.
    With 13+ yrs of watching and waitin

    we promote, showcase and match
    only 21st century peoples.
    And, you can Key Code

    your way on any device
    as you discover,
    it's loaded with all
    you thought <> think about,  "  tdtyt "


Cl@iming our   mail-to tag so you won't be t@rgeted !
Enter One Time Only  :  count ry does not matter

that E-MAIL will be listed as " CLAIMED " read the D.i.L 2005
proclamation declaration " iPD "
You will be notified @ the mail-to address you wish to vaLIDdate
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" taking the CON out of CONTROL by allowing e@ch DOT
on e@rth
TROL access their way " called Nembershipping
all ages. 5+

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