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You should understand how to install and uninstall PROPERLY to start with
p2p applications

IF SO! the top dog currently is: ARES.GALAXY

here are more p2p
for the more user friendly stuff on any pda or deviCe

like these pdas
1st TRUE / FALSE Peer 2 Peer Review

-oh theres more reviews here about search engines out there in cyberspace

Company: Byte Taxi. Program: window indicator This WUZzz one of the very first 21st Century p2p programs
that the internet has every
seen or had its hands on. This relatively small program can be run local
via a mosaic window, a browser and/or as a "service".
[[[[[[[[UPDATE > miscrohsoft gobbbbled them up]]]]]]]]]
That's right, you can get your files or access files from
anywhere on earth, whenever. How do you like that ! Great job
You were one of the 1sts' tto sell out- thanks aLOT from the sanDLOT TRU p2p internet commUnity
That's okay the geeks always have done something for us to con THE trol
WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM NEMBERS; a chocolate kiss or a rose or a bigger nose.
How about letting Nembers use foldershares personal version without time contraints.


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