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What do you think
DIRECTinternetLOCATOR.com means ?!

Become a Nember...AnyTime

Another online Membership !?!
NO.  You sign on with D.i.L, and help build i.t., so you can use i.t. !

You can (and will) want to be with D.i.L if YOU CAN "IMAGINE" living what John Lennon sings about !

D.i.L Objective...

To give VOICE to people, via a .Company -
D.i.L IS yours.

Goal: Commerce World-Wide without Delay

Become a Nember Today....Searching the wwweb ? ? ?

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Still don't get what D.i.L "does"? 

Then watch the below movies, as they are
previews of what D.i.L stands for,
and what you can get from this site...

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But, just what can I do on D.i.L (DirectInternetLocator.com)?

We, the Nembers of D.i.L, locate 21st-century-certified sites on the internet and serve them directly to you...
Globally: typical online activities (searching, e-mail, etc.) via your modules.
Locally:compilation and integration of area resources online via Nembers' research and input.

Any more Questions questions Questions's

Play wwwith D.i.L however you wish!
Every Way is different...every time.
Just trĂ¿ I.T.......

The site you are interacting with (DIRECTinternetLOCATOR.com) is 75% Prototyped...with You in Mind!

Looking to promote local?
Request a VAS placement soon.

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It's Credit time:
Carlos P. Florida USA
Jasc psp
K.H. - wherever you're @
the WiPO
yES microSofT
AND A VERY SPECIAL THX and CREDIT to our 3rd vhost getwebspace
many others....
or do you
wanna play pac-man
or a card game


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The Domain That's Yours Together Direct internet locator . com if you wanna make any bets !!!!! lolol










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