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 D.i.L Presents Section

D.i.L Presents

& their story

BC's Guide...to getting a life :)
BC Guide
An in-depth guide about moving out of your parent's house (for U.S. citizens)
The 'real world'...wanna know about it? Yeah, so did I until I found out :) Anyway, the E-Book "BC's Guide...To Getting a Life" that fetched a whopping $1 from 3 people is now available to you for free...
Ace Your King - a card game
Ace Your King
Bored?  Want to play a card game? (Illustrated instructions.)
Ace Your King: a very simple card game that's very hard to explain with words!!

So...a flash presentation (which took about 50 hours) was created, but, hey, now you can play it. Stack the King with the Ace, or stack the Ace with the King...

Task Sheets...for when you Want It Done Right
Task Sheets
If you want someone else to do it right, you have to give explicit instructions for tasks such as:
Call / Fax / Mail
Create a Document
"What we have here is....failure to communicate."

"If you want something done right, do it yourself."

Need we say more?