Public computers force you to use your online time as quickly and efficiently as possible.

After having to use public terminals for a year, this page contains what we believe to be the most commonly accessed resources online.

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Check Web-based Email CHECK WEB EMAIL
Hotmail nw Yahoo nw
Another nw nw KCNet nw nw nw (qwest)
Aol nw Excite nw Lycos nw Operamail nw nw Verizonmail nw nw nw Mail nw nw nw (vodafone) nw nw MSN (hotmail) Quicktel nw nw nw (planet) nw nw nw nw nw (centurytel) Juno nw Netaddress (usa) Rediffmail nw nw nw

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(Re) Search Online  (RE)SEARCH

GENERAL Searching
Which search engine to use? nw This wizard may help, but it's mostly for fun.
Search Engines Worldwide nw  
Google nw

Search Google

When you want to search with boolean operators nw
7MetaSearch nw Meta Search Engine, which claims to "search all top-rated search engines simultaneously."  (D.i.L's testLink Opens in New Window)
4-Frame Search nw "search and display up to 4 databases simultaneously"

SPECIFIC Searching
Audio nw mp3, wav, etc., provided by AltaVista
Tip: Search by Artist's Name, rather than song name ('Madonna,' rather than 'American Pie').   Don't know the artist's name?
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Bible nw when you want to find it in the bible
Businesses nw by out if a company you know of has a website
Images nw photos, graphics, etc., provided by AltaVista

Refdesk nw

Search Refdesk

major listing of reference/research tools (dictionary, thesaurus, news, do-it-yourself, etc.)
iTools nw If Refdesk is too much for you, try this instead.
Allwords nw Dictionary: Definition, hear pronunciation, and translates the word into Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish!
Rhymezone nw Dictionary: Rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more.  Also, Shakespeare, quotations...just a cool site!
Conversion nw "Convert just about anything to anything else" nw retrieve archived websites / documents, etc.


Check Web Addresses OUT URLs

Verify an e-mail address

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Yahoo Messenger nw for Yahoo members...Yahoo's web-based messenger lets you chat with your Yahoo friends without having to install anything.
Telephone Directories Worldwide nw  
Send an E-Card nw drag-and-drop pictures and words into a card / send to up to 30 people / will tell you when the recipient has viewed the card (read receipt option)
Learn a Language nw (conversational) - lots of languages
Translate text / web page nw Chinese (simplified & traditional), German, English, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian
Interglot nw Language Dictionary: + verb conjugation! for languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Swedish
Travlang nw Language Dictionary: Afrikaans, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, Frisian, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Language Guesser nw if you don't know what language you're looking at, this will guess (it usually works pretty good)...tip: the more words the better.
Check your Bank Balance nw - if available  

Search for your Bank

Yahoo's extensive directory listing of banks that have websites - you can only check your bank balance if your bank offers this service online.
ATM Locators > MasterCard / Maestro / Cirrus nw Citibank nw Visa / Cirrus / Star nw
Fix the Car nw troubleshooting, illustrated repair guide, and more


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