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GENERAL Searching

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MetaSearch Engine...can also use boolean operators nw + ^ >
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Meta Search Engine, which claims to "search all top-rated search engines simultaneously."  (D.i.L's test Link Opens in New Window)
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"search and display up to 4 databases simultaneously"

SPECIFIC Searching

Link Opens in New Window - mp3, wav, etc., provided by AltaVista
Tip: Search by Artist's Name, rather than song name ('Madonna,' rather than 'American Pie').   Don't know the artist's name?Link Opens in New Window
Bible nw + ^ > - when you want to find it in the bible

Businesses nw + ^ > - by business.com

find out if a company you know of has a website
Images Link Opens in New Window - photos, graphics, etc., provided by AltaVista


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major listing of reference/research tools (dictionary, thesaurus, news, do-it-yourself, etc.)

Search Refdesk

iTools nw + ^ > - If Refdesk is too much for you, try this instead.

More Dictionaries

Allwords nw + ^ > Rhymezone nw + ^ >
Definition, hear pronunciation, and translates the word into Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish! Rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more.  Also, Shakespeare, quotations...just a cool site!
Conversion nw + ^ > - "Convert just about anything to anything else"
Archive.org Link Opens in New Window - retrieve archived websites / documents, etc.


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