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TEXT VERSION  coming soon - maybe!lolbasically and simply put
The!D### is #AKey codeD methoD plug-in offline and, yes online!lol
with 101% i.d security wanna bET COMPANY r u n with that type of access
you build it you drive it you OWN IT! ++You always get what YOU reQuesteD=

If by:chance you have a question thats >not< been asked in these 19yrs online,yea just smile! wee.knowww, then tell The!D
.....for you see it IS all about discovery for each ehhh ;) Right, rite , write ?!?!?
, wright , iight L

HeyYou are !DirectinterNetLocatoRing

psst.... in no time you have figureD i.T out ^-^ Wee promiseeee.K

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!TOPTip > play with Dsite to answer any other questions in your minds eye
.....there's lots and lots of !DisCoveRY. www.mywot.com (=

And, yOu thought there
,tHeir was only facebook ey e!D= stori book X!ing Windows

Yes. You have 1 (=)

To begin building=putting togetherYour!D=)Nember+Ship [attempt jump-here]
Yes!YOU MAKE THEM TOO for those You know.there.of (=) shhhh (; wink wink WINk

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#ISREALS about beComing#1

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explore !D17+yrs of public labyrinth.PG's pointing towards Our 21st Century QUANTUM LEAPing Now2!DiscoVery in
RTL foR each person! eg... http://www.dil.org/ 1st and 4most

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