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ALERT : D.i.L heavily updates 24/7

your access we work  2  Match Key Code  2 Nember , because that's want they want !
AND, directiNTERNETLOCATOR .COM   belongs to the people !

zerohh POP UPS or spyware or trickware > ANYWHERE

Do you know what you want online ?
do you know what to do with the online world ?

QUICKLY  and somewhat clearly ,
WE DO ?! Read black
and GolD

We ONLY promote
21st Century

Nember Claims start@currently $50 yearly per key per zone per person.
This secures Nembership Key Coding at  anytime.

Placement Interest Summary

1. Secure placement for each service / product
you have to offer Nembers.
Cost is based on company / organization size.

2. Match VAS
Virtual Ad Space Map Accurately and Properly
2 Nember requests, by categorizing delivery
output - input to zones, creating doors that Nembers
open when they are ready for your product / service.

1. Register a valid email to bind
with D.i.L iPD.
And > reap the net your way!

2. You always Key Code sequence
@ your pace !
Lock out 20th century tactics
@imed AT you.
ie...spam and 20th century bs

Select something on this page to hyperkink into the site
or enter D!Labyrinth of disco+Very

only verifiable information is accepted

Working with peoples extremely opened mindness of  21st Century

ALERT : D.i.L heavily updates 24/7

When , AND IF you get lost on site (sometimes that's good )
look for the ORIENTATION 2 D.i.L @ the bottom of D!labyrinth 747+ pages of in-depth knowledge
about the real internet
and I.T's tricks. ie...>

EPU=END POINT USER : You have just been exposed to " most " all of D.i.L secrets gathered over the years.
Before, you had to sign a confidentiality agreement to know what you now know! Yea...we exposed several ideas JUST SO they would come to frutition ;)
Nembers know the other part of " their " secret. The D.i.L is a people 2 people P2P Nember NetworX made up of these Humans on earth.
The ideas , procedures and their creativity that exists within their Networx , only they know. And, they own.
The sharing of information is now a basic right for all. All Nembers are making sure of that.
The only 20th century " partial payment? D.i.L paid " validation is that to the u.s treasury department for the service mark word, " NEMBER ", we even have the cancelled check with the federal banking numbers of deposit. Maybe , we auction it on ebay and pay the rest of what they wanted for the mark. Nahhh, TW NOC belongs to people , they own it! SEE iPD , it is all about you !

ALERT : D.i.L heavily updates 24/7

A 7 Matrix Key Code view
everYthing with slicing and dicing ! arriving
in print all aroun D U
i magine now tomorrow evolved right
now earthling today

Blowing daa 20th century away wit all its tic tac
tics politics
etcetra blah bla bla la la na na na nana nana hey hey ehhh goodbye

iPv4 <^> iPv6

The Worlds Nember Owned .Company

please viSit f.A.q area ] B4 asking the same as others/thought/toooo
hyperlink directly to >
to send Your concern/etc..................................................

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whY? 2 eNsure up 2 date viewing content on YOur screen (s) = terminal (s)(no matter where your_online@..)
an!D, NATurally Your Key Codin(G) is YOur secret....til til til


  • SOW, Win Ever YER ready #1! Claim A Nember 2 day 2 stART YOur DiL=Deal (z)

wee tweak our content control 25/8 witH 101 percent see cure i.T tee
via Mystification identification <*[!Does not apply to buying and/or selling]
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