The Worlds NOC

ALL:personalNews + personalEvents
take place within YOur Key Coding

yes , you have a calendar
a planner
a note pad
a favorites
and, guess what
AND you can share yoUR MASTER PAGE
with whom you say at anytime you say.   SupPorted by: http://Master.com
it's just the beginning of YourNemberKC
COdE that only you know

tripod tried to duplicate
geocites tried to duplicate

google is trying to duplicate....LOL
yahoo is trying to duplicate...hehe
myspace is trying to duplicate...blah lah lah na na nanna
hi5 is trying to duplicate
wayn is trying to duplicate

do you know of any ? @last count there were well over 100 social nets being spun globally

NOW, those Networks are taking notice of Nembers and what they want , not what they don't need !
and , yes > Wee promote em at will ;) via via vas Virtual Ad Space

AND, the reclaiming of personal data is taking shape from ape

SOW - that's the recent n.e.w.s from the home front

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NembersSM Have Rights Always = HRA