the truth of today:
There ARE lots of people that have done an exceptional work and IS
sharing I.T. IS-AS-IN
the word right in front of you
is what they are doing.

THAT is why the internet is in front of you
> now you know the world is round !
right ?

If you are one of those peoples that we have not contacted or come to notice, we suggest you claim you @

If you are an ISP that open doors, NOT EVER CLOSING THEM, we suggest you claim you @

If you are a person that wants to tribute to the online offline world called earth,
YES- get ready to
aim your @

In the Future you
Recreation with your@Shop with your@
Vote with your@Play with your@

hey, we are doing this already

* the only real question about computers and technology *
1. How many actual computer systems get infected from there owners ?

the fiction iction engine to the virus software industry -they have gotten alot from you :(
ok, the other 1 real question
How many actual computer systems get infected from the internet or from ?!? 
Excellent Question

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The Worlds Nember Owned .Company

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