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Online Biz Better Behave
By Sharon Nash, ZDNet
Dec 17, 1999

E-commerce bandits had better watch out. The Better Business Bureau has drafted a Code of Online Business Practices in an effort to encourage businesses on the Web to boost consumers' trust in online commerce. The voluntary guidelines consist of five basic principles, from in-forming customers about the use of their personal information to protecting children. The code was drawn up in part with research from the Bureau's online arm, BBBOnLine which has re-viewed more than 5,000 commercial Web sites to determine whether they qualify for the BBBOnLine Reliability Seal and BBBOnLine Privacy Seal programs.

Here's a summary of the code:

  • Principle 1: Disclose, Disclose, Disclose. Provide accurate information about goods or services offered through on-line transactions.
  • Principle 2: Tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Do not mislead customers about any aspect of electronic commerce, in-cluding advertising and marketing.
  • Principle 3: Have respectful information practices. Post and adhere to a privacy policy. Provide adequate security. Respect your customers' preferences regarding unsolicited e-mail.
  • Principle 4: Aim to please. Resolve disputes in a timely and responsive manner.
  • Principle 5: Take special care with children. Adhere to the Children's Advertising Review Unit's Self-Regulatory Guidelines for Children's Advertising.

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