What happens to the Email Address that you claim ?

An actual human gets all emails that are claimed by the D.i.L web site.
If you don't believe it, you can call in your claim to an operator.
current op# 01-813-758-6784

1st : it is
Link Opens in New Window verified

2nd : an affirmation email is sent to the email address claimed
with a sequence code
in the subject and body of message.

3rd : After the email is verified by you. It then gets listed in a database file
that groups by the domain mail server ( hotmail , aol , earthlink etc.etc )

4th : Once verification and affirmation happens , every 30 days the D.i.L
transmitts the email to the support divison of your email service provider.

Simply put , they are notified that "you" as their customer ,
have claimed the email address served by them and wish for it to be sterilized
/  protected by them and
via the D.i.L iPD.
AKA...no routing without permission

5. You begin Your Key Coding 2 the 21st Century

[Time to process and begin Nember KCoding]
the 5 steps above approx : 7 days

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